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Friday, May 17, 2019

2019 Comeback, Phase One: New Content! Yes...BRAND-NEW Photos and Clips at OnlyFans!

Hi guys and gals! It's been awhile!

The next stage of my "comeback" after a much-needed 3 year break is my new OnlyFans page. I'm updating it like crazy now with TONS of BRAND-NEW content as well as some older "classic/vintage" stuff. I'm using it as a way to interact with serious fans as I build up more and more content. Also, starting in June, hubby Steve and I will shooting full scenes for my site again - including scenes with select fans! Shoots will take place in Florida (and only in Florida) and I will post more details here and on my site when we have more solid plans for the exact cities and dates.

I do NOT have any plans to shoot more "pro" work for other companies at the moment. Just my own content for my own sites! But if I change my mind, I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, if you're one of those many fans who' "missed me" and new photos and video clips, I invite you to check out my OnlyFans page as my old/main web site undergoes a complete overhaul - new design, new features, new everything! I think you're going to love OnlyFans as it's MUCH more interactive and is updated several times a day...I certainly am having fun with it! 

More to come soon!