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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mandingo...Finally! (Part 2)

If I didn't actually see the footage myself, I probably would think it was a dream! My scene with Mandingo - possessor of the biggest cock in porn and a guy I wanted to have sex with for over a decade - just came out today! I came almost as soon as he had 1/2 of his HUGE cock inside of me, and we kissed so much and so ravenously that it's almost surreal for "pro" porn. You'll have to watch the scene yourself here in order to see just how much "into it" I really was, but here are a few preview photos for you in the meantime!

Next up with Mandingo is a possible shoot for my own site...totally amateur and totally real, the way Steve and I always film silly dialogue, no unrealistic "pickup" or back storys, and no props...just honest-to-God sex the way I like it! Steve & Mandingo have already spoken about it twice and are hoping to arrange our mutual schedules sometime in the near future. Here's to hoping it works out!