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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mandingo...Finally! (Part 1)

I've had fans asking me for over a decade when I was going to film with the incredibly well-endowed black porn star known as Mandingo. From 1998 to 2008 my answer was "probably never" because I was "amateur-only" and Mandingo was "pro-only". Once I started doing pro scenes in 2008, the answer was "I don't know" because he was/is a very elusive, quiet guy who does not live in the L.A area like most pro performers do, and because he does not have an agent and only books himself whenever he wants to shoot. He probably didn't even know who I was, I thought!

Still, the idea of getting together with Mandingo was never far from my mind. Of the "Big Four" in regard to black male performers with absolutely huge penises - Mandingo, Lexington Steele, Richard Mann & Shane Diesel - Mandingo's cock is the biggest of them all when you consider the combination of both length and thickness. Even his balls are truly massive and I love huge balls, too. So as a true "size queen", I wanted to meet him badly!

Since 2008 I've had shot both pro scenes and amateur scenes for my site with Lex, Richard and Shane....and hubby Steve and I have also even met up with all three of them for off-camera sex as well when we are in the L.A. area. But the opportunity to even meet Mandingo, much less have sex with him and shoot with him, never materialized...until today, that is!

Last week I got a call from the director of the Blacks On Blondes network of interracial sites (where you will soon be able to see today's scene with Mandingo) asking me if I was still interested in shooting with Mandingo, because Mandingo was interested in shooting with me! The projected shoot date was today so needless to say Steve and I made travel plans right away for a trip to L.A.

I didn't want to announce it in public until I knew for sure it was a "done deal", because I know that pro scenes get cancelled or the male talent gets swapped out at the last minute all the time...but I am here in L.A. and Mandingo is right here with me on set and we are getting ready to shoot in just an hour or so! And OH MY GOD...his cock is both HUGE and GORGEOUS!!

I've attached two quick phone pics of us together for now, and I will fill you in on how the shoot goes in another blog entry. :-)

Oh, by the way...guess who I am shooting with tomorrow? Another "big gun"...Lexington Steele again, this time for the Blacks On Blondes network! I guess you could say this is a truly "big" week for me, LOL!