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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Queen of Queening?

I think it's safe to say that any serious fan of mine knows that one of my absolute favorite kinks is having my ass licked til I cum. "Rimming", as it's often referred to, feels incredibly good to me and gives me the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms imaginable...if a guy is good at it (like my hubby, Steve, for example, who's a true "oral artiste" in every way, for sure) I often literally squirt tears of sheer orgasmic bliss, quake violently for what seems like an eternity, and fall asleep. Now that's an intense orgasm!

My favorite position is with me down on my hands and knees, my butt arched high up in the air and reaching back with my hands to spread my ass cheeks wide apart while the guy kneels behind me to kiss my ass cheeks all over, lick up and down my crack from the base of my tailbone down to my clit, and of course to kiss, lick and suck every inch of my super-sensitive, tightly-puckered asshole. Whew! Just thinking about it makes me wet! ;-)

Well, I recently found out that in the UK and other parts of Europe, a popular way to orally service a woman's ass is called "queening" and it is done on a specially-made chair of sorts called a Queening Stool, with the guy's head resting on either specially made cushion or a support that hangs below the stool while the lady (aka "queen") sits comfortably on a padded, open seat over his eager face. The photos above and below show one in use, and this site has more photos and info.

So why am I writing about this in my blog? Because I have been receiving a TON of requests from fans, both abroad and right here in the U.S., to start shooting "queening" style ass-worship clips and DVDs with fans. I'm fine with fact I actually love the idea! However, these stools are expensive (cheap ones break easily, so only the high quality ones are worth buying) plus they are made in the U.K. and have to be shipped stateside. The model I would want to use (the "QC" model shown on this page, in the flat-pack, folding version so that I can travel with it for shooting with fans like you) costs $466.29 including shipping to the U.S. at the exchange rate current as of today, July 13, 2012. That's a lot of money for a piece of equipment that is a true "fan request"!

I'm sure you will all agree that there is a huge, fundamental difference between me paying for a piece of equipment that I normally use anyway, and me paying for something "extra" and expensive which I don't normally use or "need", but is instead a fan request. So...I am now offering a deal to those who want to see Steve and I shoot clips/photos/DVDs like this...if you want to see me use a queening stool on my fans during our shoots, you contribute toward the purchase of one and I will offer you a site membership (or extension of your current membership) in equal measure to your contribution. That sounds fair to me! For example, a $25 contribution will get you a 1-month membership; $50 will get you a 3-month membership and $100 will get you a full year membership - all of which are actually cheaper than buying a membership for a like term, especially the $100 contribution which is double the length of a normal $100 membership, which is 6 months.

If interested, the link to contribute is here. (NOTE: The contribution page has been removed since the stool purchase was funded by two fans in less than 24 hours! See my comments below for the full scoop.)

Obviously only a limited number of contributions will be needed to pay for the queening stool, which means only a limited number of guys will get the discounted memberships. Once $450 has been contributed I will pull the offer, make up the balance due on my own, order the stool and start making clips right away! (Note that, for the sake of accountability, I will make a comment below for each and every contribution, including the amount of the contribution and the new balance needed to purchase the stool. That way no one will make a contribution that overcompensates the balance required.)

Of course, this "queening" and ass worship kink is not for everyone - what is? - so if you're not into it, don't worry, this post simply isn't directed at's just for the ass worship fans out there who want to see me take it to the next level of kinkiness. So, guys, and you know who you's up to you!

Until next time,


Update - 7/13/2012: One generous fan contributed $100 within an hour of this post going live...which means there is only $350 left to go! For privacy's sake, I obviously I can't thank guys publicly by name...but THANK YOU for your generous contribution and I hope you are enjoying your 1-year membership! Hopefully the queening stool purchase will be funded soon and you will be able to see the "queening" clips/pics/DVDs you requested.

Update - 7/14/2012: Another fan (@babydickbrotha on Twitter) contributed another $100 today...and then came right back and contributed another $250! That means the entire purchase cost of the queening stool, including shipping to the U.S., has been funded...less than 24 hours after posting this blog entry! Woo-hoo! THANK YOU for your ultra-generous contribution, sweetie! As a token of my appreciation I have set you up with a LIFETIME membership to my site! I will order the queening stool now and as soon as I get it from the UK I will start using it in shoots with fans and you'll be able to see the  "queening" clips/pics/DVDs you requested.

Do I have the best fans in the world, or what?