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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You, Everyone!

Well, guys and gals, I did it! I won the 2011 Overall Vitrix Model Team Grand Prize under my modeling/sports alter ego, Paige McFarland, thanks in great part to you, my fans! And to be fair, some credit is also due, in no small part, to a few confused but very vocal and typically overconfident "haters" who tried to ruin it for me by telling Vitrix that I do adult work (which, of course, they already knew and had been well aware of for a long time) only to have their efforts backfire and work out in my favor instead. (After all, those of you would-be Einsteins, Vitrix is a male sexual performance enhancement product, not Holy Communion wafers...goodie-two-shoes prudes are the last kind of women they want!)

When I won the May 2011 Vitrix Model Team contest, I was awarded a $2500 cash prize, an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, a photoshoot with the Vitrix Model Team photographer and the chance to compete in the 2011 Overall Vitrix Model Team contest along with all the other monthly contest winners. That was quite an honor, but the Grand Prize for the 2011 overall contest was even nicer...I won $10,000 in cash and a 6-month modeling contract as a Vitrix Model Team member, which means even more all expenses paid trips and photo shoots for the next 1/2 year. I am soooo excited! Thank you so much for all the votes, positive emails, comments on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and everything else...I could not have done it without you! :-)


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