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Monday, January 30, 2012

Who Wants To "Get Behind Me" Again?

As many of you know, last year I am competed in and won the May 2011 Vitrix Model Search Contest under my modeling persona, Paige McFarland. (If you are unfamiliar with my Paige McFarland "alter ego" for modeling, please read this older blog entry first.)

For those of you who've never heard of Vitrix, it is a natural herbal male performance enhancer made by Nutrex and sold in nutrition and supplement stores nationwide which increases testosterone and thereby stamina, both in bed as well as at the gym and during sports. And yes, it does work...Steve's been using it ever since we discovered it and has been wearing me out even more than usual...and God knows, he doesn't need any further encouragement!

Well, as winner of the May 2011 monthly contest, I am now in the running for the 2011 Overall Champion contest along with 6 other lovely ladies who won other monthly contests last year. (Not all the monthly winners from 2011 are competing in the 2011 overall contest, which accounts for there only being 7 of us.) This 2011 overall contest runs from January 16th through February 13th, 2012, with the winner to be announced on February 14th. The winner will earn $10,000.00 and a 6 month contract, or extension of the model's existing contract, to be a member of the Vitrix Model Team which, among other things, means frequent professional photo shoots. In other words, MORE top-quality photos of me to for you to enjoy for FREE at the Vitrix Model Team web site, such as these current galleries of mine:

Paige's Red, Hot & Wet Gallery

Paige's Getting Dressed For A Date Gallery

So...I need the support of my fans in three key ways!

First, please stop by my contest profile, check out my photos and "get behind me" with your vote! You can vote every 2 hours, every day through February 13th...and every vote counts! (As of now I am leading in votes but there are still 14 days to go...and note that I am adding one new photo to my contest profile daily, so there's always a good reason to come back!)

Second, please visit the Official Paige McFarland Fan Page, "like" it, and "like" and comment on any of the verbal or photos posts I may make. (Note: My original fan page, which had over 8000 followers, was hacked, so this is a new one.)

Finally, please visit the Vitrix Model Team web site and read my model blogs there as well as check out my "Too Hot For Facebook"" galleries. The more traffic I send to the Vitrix web site, the better, as this, too, is part of deciding the overall contest winner.

Thanks, guys!


P.S. Yes, the good folks at Vitrix and Nutrex (the parent company for Vitrix) do, in fact, know that I am the adult performer and swinger Janet Mason - and they have no problem with it. They knew who I was when I competed in the May 2011 monthly contest and they could have easily disqualified me (but instead, I won) there is no point in would-be troublemakers (or is that troublemaking wannabe's?) "exposing" a truth which literally everyone who matters already knows. In fact, it is the Vitrix Model Team staff themselves who delete all Facebook comments from guys who post stuff like "Paige McFarland is really Janet Mason and she does porn!" on their Facebook page as soon as they are noticed...and they actually ban these guys from posting again.