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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off-Camera Fun!

2012 is starting off to be a great year! Not only do Steve and I have some hot new shoots lined up with some quality guys (hung black studs, cute/fit young white guys and a few lovely ladies) but we are also ramping up our off-camera "lifestyle" play and meeting some awesome couples and singles!

Fans often email us asking where we meet the guys/gals we shoot with as well as where we meet other couples like us, and those singles we play with OFF camera. I've written about this before but is has been a few years so I supposed it's time to revisit the subject.

The answer is that we don't contact people for shoots for the site...they contact us! As you know, 99% of all the video clips, photos and DVDs on my site are shot with fans; total amateurs who happen to be willing and able to be filmed or photographed and who I am attracted to in return. The remaining 1% are pro porn actors who ALSO happen to be fans. In both cases, the guys and gals contact us via email at my site. We occasionally list "Casting Calls" on the site but we do NOT go out looking for or otherwise recruit talent...the fans see the Casting Calls and they respond.

For OFF-camera play - our actual lifestyle - we use two lifestyle-oriented site memberships. The first is called The Lifestyle Lounge, which has been online for 10 years and is going strong. We have been paid members of this site for 6 years now and recently got a lifetime membership...that's how much we like it! Our email inbox at that site is full every day, and lots of great couples and singles are members there.

The second lifestyle site we are members of is called Swingers Date Club, or SDC. Yes, I know, the name is really hokey...but this site is much more popular and has been around longer, although we only recently joined it. We like it enough that we just paid for a 1-year membership and will probably extend that because we are getting TONS of sincere contacts from all kinds of crazy-attractive single black guys, ripped young white guys and tons of fit couples!

To those who are curious about the lifestyle (or how to meet Steve & I for possible OFF-camera fun) should check either or both of these sites out...we can heartily recommend them and you can sign up for a free trial membership which will give you a good "feel" for each site to determine which one you like best, if either at all.

If you DO happen to join either site on trial basis, stop by our profile and say hello! Our profile name is STEVEANDJANET at both sites. And for those thousands of you who have not met us in person and who wonder what Steve, the mysterious man behind the camera, looks can see photos of him at either profile! ;-)

That's it for today's blog entry. I hope you enjoy the brand-new photo, taken just the other day!