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So true...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bush progress report...

Considering that 99% of all porn still features the totally-shaved, "little girl" bush-less look, I am surprised by the overwhelming amount of positive feedback that I am getting on my decision to re-grow my bush back! (Which is a decision I made based on my and Steve's personal preferences, not a poll.) By far and away, the overwhelming majority of you are glad to hear that I'm going back to the grown-woman look. I guess it just goes to show that just because "everybody" is doing something doesn't mean that "everybody" likes it.

Anyway, I announced my decision to "bring back the bush" a month ago and posted a photo...and here is a "progress pic", showing my latest growth in the past 4 weeks...with more to come, I promise! (As noted before, I will still remain waxed smooth along the sides and down around my lips, perineum and anus...)