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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel Plans for January - May 2013!

Hi guys and gals,

Steve and I had some GREAT times traveling in November and December, and we look forward to picking back up again after the holidays! Here's my schedule for January through May 2013:
  • Los Angeles, CA: January 27th-February 2nd
  • Chicago, IL: February 17th-19th
  • Washington, DC: March 7th-9th
  • New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY: April 11th-17th
  • San Francisco, CA: May 22nd-24th & 26th-28th
We will also be adding more 2013 trips dates throughout the U.S. - possibly (not definitely!) Phoenix, Dallas and Denver. Dates for these cities will be announced much later in the year. I do NOT have any other dates, either exact or approximate,  to share please don't email me asking about them.

Until then...see you online!



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Travel Plans for November/December!

Hi guys and gals,

Now that Steve and I finally have the time to travel, we're taking advantage of it! Here's my schedule for November & December:
  • Boca Raton, FL: November 3rd-6th
  • Miami, FL: November 7th-11th
  • Atlanta, GA: November 15th-17th
  • Fort Myers, FL: November 20th-21st
  • Boca Raton, FL: November 24th-December 3rd
  • New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY: December 4th-8th
  • Orlando, FL: December 9th-11th
  • Boca Raton - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach, FL: December 12th-23rd
We will also be adding more 2013 dates in Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Washington DC/Baltimore, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix and Denver. (Dates for these cities will be announced next year; I do NOT have any dates, either exact or approximate,  to share yet.)

Until then...see you online!



Thursday, November 1, 2012

New DVD & Download Release for November!

Hi guys & gals! Just a quick post to let you know that I just released my first new DVD and download movie in a year! It's called "The Naughty Massage Therapist, Vol. 2" and it's hot! 

The "back story" is that I have recently started my own massage therapy business, which I've named "A Woman's Touch Massage" and which is located within walking distance of a local university campus. But my goals are, shall we say...not so professional. The fact is that I really don't care about making money, I'm just using the business as means to meet and seduce attractive young hardbody men to satiate my constant carnal craving for firm young male flesh and virile young sperm! 

To that end, I've advertised a "Special Student Discount Rate" all over the campus on bulletin boards. Watch as my second client, an adorably cute and very fit foreign exchange student from Switzerland, comes in for his first session to get some stress relief...and ends up having some "pressure" released in a way he'd have never expected! 

After rubbing his beautiful young body for a bit - giving him an instantaneous hard-on which pops up obscenely under the sheets - I peel back the sheets, oil up his big, throbbing cock and start jacking him off with my dainty, experienced and oh-so-skilled hands. This handsome young stud is so hung and so cute that I want to do more than just jerk him off, and the animal attraction between us is so intense that I we're soon kissing like frantic lovers as I milk him. Then I pull off my clothes and get on the table with him, 69-style, so that I can suck that big, fat young cock and balls while he licks my pussy and ass. Soon things ramp up even more and soon I spin around and straddle him, guiding that enormous piece of young man-meat into my sopping wet, hot and very tight pussy. Then I fuck him silly, and when he is ready to cum I jump off the table, grab my "milking glass" and aim his big young dick right into it as she spurts a HUGE creamy load for me, one thick white rope of virile seed after another, filling the glass for me. As soon as I am sure this young stud has given me every single drop of semen his huge young balls have to offer, I tilt my head back, lift the glass and pout the entire massive cumload right into my hungry, eager mature mouth. Mmmmm...his sperm (like that of most young studs) is so rich and creamy and delicious....I don't waste a drop! 

Needless to say, my new young friend is blown away and asks if he can come back for another session. Of course I say yes...but then tell him that he has to get dressed and go so that I can get ready for my next young client, due soon! 

Check out the Store page of my site today for a free preview clip and 39 sample stills from this hot new title today! You can order the DVD there, or the iPod/iPhone compatible download version here.

That's it for today...see you online!

P.S. The photo above was just shot last night on a "date night" with hubby Steve...and a new SUPER- hung off-camera black lover!  


Monday, October 22, 2012

Webcam Schedule for October 22-28

Hi guys & gals! As many of you know, Steve and I are now "empty nesters", with our youngest child off to college, and we have moved to the beach in the sunny Miami area! Now that we're settling in, I am back to doing solo webcam shows...and Steve and I will soon be doing couples shows as well by early November at the latest! 

As before, I offer shows both on Streamate and also private shows via Skype. My schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM EST
Tuesday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM EST
Wednesday: 12:00 - 2:00 PM EST
Thursday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM EST
Friday: To be announced
Saturday: To be announced
Sunday: To be announced

Click here to sign up for Streamate, or click here for info and pricing on private Skype shows.

See you online!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Mandingo...Finally! (Part 2)

If I didn't actually see the footage myself, I probably would think it was a dream! My scene with Mandingo - possessor of the biggest cock in porn and a guy I wanted to have sex with for over a decade - just came out today! I came almost as soon as he had 1/2 of his HUGE cock inside of me, and we kissed so much and so ravenously that it's almost surreal for "pro" porn. You'll have to watch the scene yourself here in order to see just how much "into it" I really was, but here are a few preview photos for you in the meantime!

Next up with Mandingo is a possible shoot for my own site...totally amateur and totally real, the way Steve and I always film silly dialogue, no unrealistic "pickup" or back storys, and no props...just honest-to-God sex the way I like it! Steve & Mandingo have already spoken about it twice and are hoping to arrange our mutual schedules sometime in the near future. Here's to hoping it works out!

Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Pro Scenes As A Brunette!

For those of you who have been asking about scenes with me featuring my new look as a brunette, here you go!

I recently shot two "cougar" scenes for Pure Mature, a new site that specializes in shooting passionate, dreamy scenes of mature women with attractive younger and fit guys.

The first new Pure Mature scene is entitled "Afternoon Seduction" (featuring me with big-dicked stud Danny Mountain) and the stills above were taken from it.

The second new  Pure Mature scene is called "All Tied Up" (with the even more well-hung stud Bruce Venture) and the stills above are from it.

These were my 3rd & 4th scenes in total for Pure Mature, but my first anywhere as a brunette. Both have recently been released and you can check them out here.

I also shot a new "cougar" scene for Naughty first scene for them in about a year and my first for them as a brunette. The scene features me with young newcomer Chad White. It is part of their "Seduced By A Cougar" series and it was just released today! Above are some stills from it, and you can check out the full scene here.

Once Steve & I have finished moving to our new home and have settled in, we will once again start shooting amateur scenes for my own site, too, so those of you who, like us, prefer amateur scenes to pro ones will also soon be sble to see mein that format as a brunette, too! We should be settled into the new house and start shooting again by mid-October.

That's it for today, guys & gals. See you online!


Monday, September 3, 2012

The End Of My Alter Ego!

It's official! As of today, Paige McFarland, my alter ego, is no more. If you don't know the name Paige McFarland or why she was my alter ego for over a year, please read this prior blog entry first - and then read this one, too. I simply don't have the time to reiterate that entire long story to newcomers.

So, why did I decide to end the Paige persona?

My reasoning was simple...because, in the end, it was just too confusing to fans. For over 14 years of constant online presence, most people have known me only as  Janet Mason. That's the "real me" it just makes more sense to focus on that rather than a second and distracting persona.  Although I will still do glamour, fine art nude, fitness and promotional modeling, just as I always have, I am going back to doing so as Janet Mason again rather than as the Paige McFarland persona I adopted back in 2011. The same goes for any future fitness-related competitions I may enter in the future...I will compete as Janet Mason, not as Paige McFarland.

In keeping with this decision, I've already changed my name back to Janet Mason on my professional modeling portfolios and I have deactivated my Paige McFarland Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

So...Paige is no more...from now on it's just Janet! I achieved a lot as Paige McFarland but I have achieved even more as Janet Mason and I feel I owe it to my fans to stick to just one persona. Especially since everything I did as Paige I can do as well or even better as Janet. :-)

That said, if you were following me on Twitter or Facebook as Paige McFarland before, here are the links for my Janet Mason accounts because I terminated the Paige accounts today:

Facebook Fan Page:


That's it for this entry, guys and gals. See you online!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

News Update!

Just a quick update on what's new with me and Steve!

First, I promised to give you the full report of my first (and probably only) long-awaited, much-anticipated pro scene with Mandingo, which we did for Blacks On Blondes. Let's just say that, for a pro shoot, it was GREAT! Mandingo's cock is just amazing - obscenely long and thick, with monstrous balls to match - and I was in heaven sucking on it and getting fucked by him. Our scene was so intense (by pro standards, at least) that we kissed feverishly (more like "sucked face", we were so into it) throughout the entire scene and he made me cum two times in less than 30 minutes of shooting - and one was a massive "squirting" orgasm! I was truly "fucked out" after that and fell asleep early that night!

Now...the big question is...will Mandingo and I be shooting a much more "real" sex scene for my own site? The answer is "maybe". Mandingo made it clear that he is definitely interested, as are Steve and I, and I am sure it will happen as long as we are able to coordinate our schedules. The problem is that neither of us lives in L.A. and that our homes are at least a few hundred miles from either other's, and that we both have "real world" careers that have nothing to do with the adult business which keep us busy. But we have discussed it and we are working on it. So if it's meant to be, it will happen...and you just know that if it does happen, it will be MUCH better than a pro scene because the sex will be acting, no silly dialogue, no unrealistic positions, no director yelling "cut"...just all-out, primal fucking, with hubby Steve capturing the action and focusing on my pleasure like no one else can!

Aside from Mandingo, another piece of news is that I shot two more scenes for Pure Mature, my favorite new site, which specializes in truly passionate sex scenes between older women and younger men. So those of you who, like Steve and I, find  most  pro porn lacking in substance, passion, reality and any sense of class should definitely check out Pure's a cut above most!

OK, enough about pro scenes and onto my personal life and amateur site.

The biggest news personally is that Steve and I just became "empty-nesters", with our youngest child headed off to college out of state. Along with that we are downsizing our overly large home (which now feels ludicrously big for just the two of us) and we are moving to the beach! Our new home is in the Miami Beach area, about 10 minutes from world-famous Haulover Beach Park...part of which is set aside for the only legal, state-funded nude beach park in the U.S.! So guess where we will be spending lots of our time? You got it...the nude beach! :-)

Of course, we still love the desert as much as we love the beach, so we'll be spending plenty of time in Las Vegas, too. In fact we'll be there more than ever!

On that note, now that we are empty-nesters, we will have a lot more time to shoot, and we plan to start offering "fan shoots" on a regular basis. The fan shoot opportunities will be offered about once every 4-6 weeks throughout the year in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and about once every 8-12 weeks in Las Vegas. We also plan to start offering new opportunities for fans to meet me but who do not want be (or who simply can't be) in a video or photo shoot with me, such as "Spend A Day With Janet At The Nude Beach" (in Miami) or "Spend A Day With Janet At The Topless Pool" (in Las Vegas), etc.

However..none of this will start until late September or early October...we need to finish moving and settle into our new house, and then set up a new "shoot condo" first. But we're excited about the near future and look forward to meeting a lot more fans!

Until next are two new casual phone pics of me so you can see my current look. This will be the look you'll find in all the new content we'll start to shoot in October and thereafter. Hope you like them!



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mandingo...Finally! (Part 1)

I've had fans asking me for over a decade when I was going to film with the incredibly well-endowed black porn star known as Mandingo. From 1998 to 2008 my answer was "probably never" because I was "amateur-only" and Mandingo was "pro-only". Once I started doing pro scenes in 2008, the answer was "I don't know" because he was/is a very elusive, quiet guy who does not live in the L.A area like most pro performers do, and because he does not have an agent and only books himself whenever he wants to shoot. He probably didn't even know who I was, I thought!

Still, the idea of getting together with Mandingo was never far from my mind. Of the "Big Four" in regard to black male performers with absolutely huge penises - Mandingo, Lexington Steele, Richard Mann & Shane Diesel - Mandingo's cock is the biggest of them all when you consider the combination of both length and thickness. Even his balls are truly massive and I love huge balls, too. So as a true "size queen", I wanted to meet him badly!

Since 2008 I've had shot both pro scenes and amateur scenes for my site with Lex, Richard and Shane....and hubby Steve and I have also even met up with all three of them for off-camera sex as well when we are in the L.A. area. But the opportunity to even meet Mandingo, much less have sex with him and shoot with him, never materialized...until today, that is!

Last week I got a call from the director of the Blacks On Blondes network of interracial sites (where you will soon be able to see today's scene with Mandingo) asking me if I was still interested in shooting with Mandingo, because Mandingo was interested in shooting with me! The projected shoot date was today so needless to say Steve and I made travel plans right away for a trip to L.A.

I didn't want to announce it in public until I knew for sure it was a "done deal", because I know that pro scenes get cancelled or the male talent gets swapped out at the last minute all the time...but I am here in L.A. and Mandingo is right here with me on set and we are getting ready to shoot in just an hour or so! And OH MY GOD...his cock is both HUGE and GORGEOUS!!

I've attached two quick phone pics of us together for now, and I will fill you in on how the shoot goes in another blog entry. :-)

Oh, by the way...guess who I am shooting with tomorrow? Another "big gun"...Lexington Steele again, this time for the Blacks On Blondes network! I guess you could say this is a truly "big" week for me, LOL!



Monday, July 16, 2012

Still MORE Gifts From Fans!

Although I've said this before, I'll say it again (and I'm sure I'll keep saying it many more times)...after more than 14 years online, I am still continually surprised by the generosity of my fans, many of whom send me so many gifts, so often, that it boggles my mind. For example, check out the amazing spread of new gifts in the photo above, all of which were sent to me just since my last "fan gifts" post in March. That's right...everything you see on my bed was sent as a gift from fans just in the last 3 1/2 months!

Incredible, right? Here's what I've received from fans from early March through today:

  • 7 dresses
  • 7 pairs of shoes
  • 5 pairs of stockings (including Wolfords)
  • 3 bra & panty sets
  • 3 lingerie outfits
  • 2 pairs of panties
  • 1 garter
  • 1 corset
  • 1 black dildo
  • 1 bracelet
  • 1 blouse
Is that not just amazing? Bear in mind that these are genuine gifts...not things I asked for!

We can add to this list the Queening Stool that was the subject of the blog post just prior to this. That fan-requested piece of equipment was purchased by two fans in less than 24 hours after the post was made, and it should arrive from the UK within about 7-10 days.

For obvious reasons I can't thank everyone by name publicly (although I always make it a point to do so privately via email), but I do enjoy making these public thank-you posts on my blog. So thanks again, guys, you are simply incredible! I am a very grateful person and your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated.

I have the best fans ever! :-)



Friday, July 13, 2012

The Queen of Queening?

I think it's safe to say that any serious fan of mine knows that one of my absolute favorite kinks is having my ass licked til I cum. "Rimming", as it's often referred to, feels incredibly good to me and gives me the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms imaginable...if a guy is good at it (like my hubby, Steve, for example, who's a true "oral artiste" in every way, for sure) I often literally squirt tears of sheer orgasmic bliss, quake violently for what seems like an eternity, and fall asleep. Now that's an intense orgasm!

My favorite position is with me down on my hands and knees, my butt arched high up in the air and reaching back with my hands to spread my ass cheeks wide apart while the guy kneels behind me to kiss my ass cheeks all over, lick up and down my crack from the base of my tailbone down to my clit, and of course to kiss, lick and suck every inch of my super-sensitive, tightly-puckered asshole. Whew! Just thinking about it makes me wet! ;-)

Well, I recently found out that in the UK and other parts of Europe, a popular way to orally service a woman's ass is called "queening" and it is done on a specially-made chair of sorts called a Queening Stool, with the guy's head resting on either specially made cushion or a support that hangs below the stool while the lady (aka "queen") sits comfortably on a padded, open seat over his eager face. The photos above and below show one in use, and this site has more photos and info.

So why am I writing about this in my blog? Because I have been receiving a TON of requests from fans, both abroad and right here in the U.S., to start shooting "queening" style ass-worship clips and DVDs with fans. I'm fine with fact I actually love the idea! However, these stools are expensive (cheap ones break easily, so only the high quality ones are worth buying) plus they are made in the U.K. and have to be shipped stateside. The model I would want to use (the "QC" model shown on this page, in the flat-pack, folding version so that I can travel with it for shooting with fans like you) costs $466.29 including shipping to the U.S. at the exchange rate current as of today, July 13, 2012. That's a lot of money for a piece of equipment that is a true "fan request"!

I'm sure you will all agree that there is a huge, fundamental difference between me paying for a piece of equipment that I normally use anyway, and me paying for something "extra" and expensive which I don't normally use or "need", but is instead a fan request. So...I am now offering a deal to those who want to see Steve and I shoot clips/photos/DVDs like this...if you want to see me use a queening stool on my fans during our shoots, you contribute toward the purchase of one and I will offer you a site membership (or extension of your current membership) in equal measure to your contribution. That sounds fair to me! For example, a $25 contribution will get you a 1-month membership; $50 will get you a 3-month membership and $100 will get you a full year membership - all of which are actually cheaper than buying a membership for a like term, especially the $100 contribution which is double the length of a normal $100 membership, which is 6 months.

If interested, the link to contribute is here. (NOTE: The contribution page has been removed since the stool purchase was funded by two fans in less than 24 hours! See my comments below for the full scoop.)

Obviously only a limited number of contributions will be needed to pay for the queening stool, which means only a limited number of guys will get the discounted memberships. Once $450 has been contributed I will pull the offer, make up the balance due on my own, order the stool and start making clips right away! (Note that, for the sake of accountability, I will make a comment below for each and every contribution, including the amount of the contribution and the new balance needed to purchase the stool. That way no one will make a contribution that overcompensates the balance required.)

Of course, this "queening" and ass worship kink is not for everyone - what is? - so if you're not into it, don't worry, this post simply isn't directed at's just for the ass worship fans out there who want to see me take it to the next level of kinkiness. So, guys, and you know who you's up to you!

Until next time,


Update - 7/13/2012: One generous fan contributed $100 within an hour of this post going live...which means there is only $350 left to go! For privacy's sake, I obviously I can't thank guys publicly by name...but THANK YOU for your generous contribution and I hope you are enjoying your 1-year membership! Hopefully the queening stool purchase will be funded soon and you will be able to see the "queening" clips/pics/DVDs you requested.

Update - 7/14/2012: Another fan (@babydickbrotha on Twitter) contributed another $100 today...and then came right back and contributed another $250! That means the entire purchase cost of the queening stool, including shipping to the U.S., has been funded...less than 24 hours after posting this blog entry! Woo-hoo! THANK YOU for your ultra-generous contribution, sweetie! As a token of my appreciation I have set you up with a LIFETIME membership to my site! I will order the queening stool now and as soon as I get it from the UK I will start using it in shoots with fans and you'll be able to see the  "queening" clips/pics/DVDs you requested.

Do I have the best fans in the world, or what?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

No More Figure/Fitness Competitions!

Ever since I first tried my hand at figure shows back in the summer of 2010, a lot of my fans have been really, really interested in my training, my show placings and my fitness modeling. Partly that may be due to the fact that I took home two trophies in my very first show (2nd Place in my age group and 3rd Place overall, competing against girls as young as 18) and because the very next year I repeated that success to a higher degree, winning three more 2nd Place trophies and one more 3rd Place in 2011. I'm assuming that if I had not "started off with a bang", so to speak...if I had not placed well and had just been one of the hundred or more non-placing contestants...that the interest and support of my fans would not be as strong.

Well, I have some news for those of you who are "into" that part of me...after taking off the entire 2012 season, I have decided NOT to compete anymore and will NOT doing any more fitness-specific modeling, either. Why? Simply because it's too restrictive and binding on my lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong...I love being fit, but I used to always do whatever activities and sports struck my fancy at any particular time. That meant if I wanted to run a local 5K or 10K road race, I could and did. If I wanted to train for a major marathon (26.2 miles) and run it with Steve, I could and did. Ditto for doing a Century Ride (100 miles, cycling) or a full-day hike up a huge mountain...whatever I wanted to do, I could do and would do.

The problem is that fitness modeling and bodybuilding sports (which, for women, include bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini and fitness) are 100% restrictive in every imaginable way. Your entire life must center around training and dieting just for your sport in general, and for your next big show in  particular. Not only do you have to go to bed and get up a  specific time, but every single calorie you ingest as well as what food source it comes from, what time you eat it, and how often you eat it, matters. Don't want to eat 6-7 meals a day? Too bad. Want to eat more per meal? Too bad. How about eating less? Too bad. Want to run a 10K this weekend for charity? Too bad, you can't. Want to go hiking for 8 hours with your family? Too bad, you can't. Wish you could replace one of your normal cardio or weight workouts with one of these other events? Too can't. Want to have just a single  drink with family or friends to celebrate a very special occasion? Forget it. And don't even ask about having a tiny piece of wedding cake at a wedding.

Once again, don't get me wrong...I love working hard toward a positive goal. I ran my first 26.2 marathon years ago after never having run further than a 1.5 miles in my entire life before starting to train for that race. I learned to become a better swimmer - and then learned how to race road bikes - so that I could enter my first triathlon, and I became pretty good at that sport, too. So when I decided to give figure competitions a whirl, I went at it with the same discipline and determination as always...and I did very, very well. Never would I have guessed that, as  woman in  my 40's with absolutely NO prior bodybuilding or weightlifting experience, I could end up taking home two trophies in my very first show as a total novice and then double that the next year.

I guess that I was so caught up in  all the glamour and attention and positive feedback that at a certain point I started doing it for the wrong reasons...simply because it was "expected of me" by too many people, none of whom were family or close friends. And you can't get any worse on the "wrongness scale" than that when it comes to living your own life.

The fact is that I started off with the goal of trying just one show for "fun" and not only did I do five shows total in two years, but I did extremely well, far beyond any reasonable expectation. That was fun and I loved it while it lasted...but I'm ready to have a life again, by which I mean "freedom". Freedom to go out to a nice dinner at a posh restaurant with Steve and friends and enjoy a bottle of fine red wine. Freedom to train for a running race if I want to. Freedom to hike all day when we're in an area with mountains. Freedom to sleep in on Saturday morning and to not "have to" do 2 workouts a day, 6 days a week, while spending literally thousands of dollars per year on training/coaching, special diet foods and supplements, plus thousands more on contest entry fees for myself, show tickets for family members to see me compete, and the travel expenses for airfare/hotel/rental car to get to the shows around the country.

The bottom line is that although I love being fit and I particularly enjoy sports that are very strenuous, I also love my freedom of choice and I love to indulge the hedonistic side of my personality. Bodybuilding sports, by their very nature, are extremely spartan and ANTI-hedonistic. And if there was ever a word that describes Steve and I, it's hedonistic. Not to an extreme...we don't do drugs, we don't drink to get "wasted", and we don't overindulge in food or anything else, for that matter. But we do love the physical pleasures of being super healthy & fit in our own ways while enjoying a guilt-free day lazing at the beach or by the pool, eating out at nice restaurants, savoring a fine red wine, sleeping in on vacations or the weekends and having the energy for an extremely active and very intense sex life. (Which is another thing that goes out the window when in deep training for figure competitions - any energy for, or interest in, sex. At all. Which is really weird because more people than ever want to have sex with you based on your new look. Oh, the irony!)

So...I am "done" with figure shows, at least for now and definitely on any serious level. If I ever do one again, and I doubt I ever will, it will probably be a couple of years down the road at some local, low-level show in which I really don't care how I place. Steve and I are still working out, but in a more flexible way, doing what we enjoy rather than what I or we "have" to do...and we've decided to celebrate this renewed freedom by running a half-marathon (13.1 miles) together at the end of the year. It will be the first race we've run together in several years, and we're both really excited about it! Although I have no intentions of stopping my modeling work, I will only do glamour, swimwear and fine art nude modeling more "fitness" modeling. In other words, back to what I used to do prior to the whole figure show adventure.

One more thing...I am no longer going to announce the names/dates/locations of any sports events I do ahead of time (if at all), or how I placed in them. Why? First and foremost is because I do them for myself, not for public attention. Secondly because it often feels like Steve and I have NO privacy as fans in the local area always want to meet us at these events, every time, which means we can't focus on simply doing the races and having fun like everyone else...they end up becoming "public relations gigs", instead, which is NOT the reason we compete in sports.

I want to thank the innumerable fans who've been "into" and following my figure competition and fitness modeling adventures over since I started off in 2010...your support meant a lot then, and it still does. But now it's time for me to move on and get back to what Janet Mason is all about...having great fun sharing great sex with great fans! Starting late this summer Steve and I will be offering shoot with fans again several times a year in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Las Vegas and I will have all the energy and time needed to make them hot! Get ready, guys and gals....the Hedonist Hotwife is back!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Webcam Shows on Streamate & Skype!

As many of you know, I have been offering webcam shows via as well as totally private shows via Skype for the past couple of months.  I started off doing them 2-3 days a week at first, but lately my free time has increased and I've ramped my show time up to 5-6 days a week (including Saturdays and Sundays) for about 2 hours per day.  If you are a member of you can find me there under the performer name JanetMason, with no spaces in between my first and last names; if you are interested in a paid private Skype show, please contact me via email at my site.

In addition to my solo shows, starting this month Steve will be joining me at least once a week for an extra "couples" show, in which you will be able to watch us having sex together when he comes home for lunch. I'm going to call the show "Lunch Meat"...and if we ever do one at nighttime, we'll announce that here as well.

And yes, the photos above are brand-new, shot by Steve on my iPhone, so this is what I'm looking like right now.

See you online, guys & gals!



Friday, June 22, 2012

New & Smoking-Hot Pro "Cougar" Scene!

As per my post at the end of May, I recently shot two new B/G scenes for a brand-new site called Pure Mature that specializes in shooting passionate, dreamy scenes of mature women with attractive younger and fit guys. I do almost no pro video scenes these days as I prefer to focus on my amateur stuff that Steve and I shoot for my personal site, Janet Mason Exposed. However, I am still open to the idea of select scenes with select companies...which basically means self-booked scenes that sound like "me" and only with male or female partners that I actually am attracted to.


Well, this new site, Pure Mature, is right up my alley! When I say they shoot "passionate" sex I mean just that...lots and lots of kissing, stroking, caressing and "making out" in addition to the sex, and all of it filmed in great natural lighting on attractive silly "comedy sex" or "Dude, can you top this?" gonzo crap. I was allowed to pick the guys myself, so I chose one of my favorite younger white studs ever, Johnny Castle, for the first scene and a new, very fit and super-hung young white stud I'd never shot with before named Bruce Venture for the second scene. 

The scene with Bruce Venture, which is entitled "Honey, I'm Home!" was just released last night...and it's a sizzler If you're a fan of my pro work, check out the preview pics and free trailer from the scene (and those from other MILFs) by clicking here!


Friday, June 8, 2012

New Hairdo!

Hi guys & gals,

I just got home from the salon with a new look! I have never been a brunette before....I was in the mood for a change! Let me know how you like it, OK?



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First New B/G Pro Scene In Ages...For A New Site!

As I have written many times now, I do almost no pro video scenes these days as I prefer to focus on my amateur stuff that Steve and I shoot for my personal site, Janet Mason Exposed. However, I am still open to the idea of select scenes with select companies...which basically means self-booked scenes that sound like "me" and only with male or female partners that I actually am attracted to.

That said, I recently shot two new B/G scenes for a brand-new site called Pure Mature that specializes in shooting passionate, dreamy scenes of mature women with attractive younger and fit guys. By "passionate" I mean just that...lots and lots of kissing, stroking, caressing and "making out" in addition to the sex, and all of it filmed in great natural lighting on attractive silly "comedy sex" or "Dude, can you top this?" gonzo crap. I was allowed to pick the guys myself, so I chose one of my favorite younger white studs ever, Johnny Castle, for one scene and a new super-hung young white stud I'd never shot with before named Bruce Ventura for the second scene.

Anyway...the scene with Johnny Castle, which is entitled "Sun and Sex" has just been released! If you're a fan of my pro work, check out the preview pics and free trailer from the scene (and those from other MILFs) by clicking here!


Monday, May 21, 2012

New Modeling Layouts for the Vitrix Model Team!

Two more photo shoot layouts I did for the Vitrix Model Team have been posted! (Actually, the shower layout has been up for several months now, but I forgot to mention it here...the black corset layout is relatively new.) Although I normally do my own hair and makeup for 99% of my modeling work, for these shoots hair and makeup were done by photographer Terry Goodlad's lovely girlfriend, Ana Tigre...hence the "different look" for me. Here are the links:


Check it out and let me know what you think! You can also provide feedback on the Vitrix Model Team Facebook page and on my new Facebook fan page. (And yes, just to be clear....everybody involved, from the photographer to the other models on the team to Vitrix to it's parent company, Nutrex, DO know that I am Janet Mason...see my earlier blog entry on that subject.)



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up...

Hi guys & gals, it's been 8 weeks since my last blog! Time really flies, especially when you're busy!

So...what's new with me? Mostly family and real-world work, which I don't discuss here for obvious reasons...but also some "adult" news.

First, Steve and I are in the final stages of re-launching my old foot/leg/hosiery/shoe fetish site, Janet Mason's Foot Tease, after many months of discussing and planning  it. (We shut it down in late 2005 but fans have been asking us to bring it back ever since!) We had originally projected a launch date of late May...but now we're saying mid-to-late July as we have soooo much going on in our personal lives over the next 2 months. Anyway, it is to those of you "foot fans" out there who have been chomping at the bit for it to reopen, thank you for your patience!

Secondly, as most of you know by now, I do almost no pro video scenes these days as I prefer to focus on my amateur stuff that Steve and I shoot for my personal site, Janet Mason Exposed. I haven't even had an agent in some time. However, I am still usually open to select scenes with select companies (which basically means self-booked scenes that sound like "me", with directors and male or female partners that I actually am attracted to)...and with that in mind, I recently shot three new G/G scenes for Girlfriends Films, which was the very first pro studio I ever shot for and which is still one of the best companies out there based on personality of the director/owner, the quality of the scenes and talent, and the generous pay they offer. The lovely ladies I shot scenes with were Brandi Love (photo below), Elexis Monroe and Diamond! All three are super-sexy ladies who are amazing in bed and we all gave each other real "faking it for the camera", which is the norm for women in pro video, required!

I also did two B/G scenes for a brand-new site called Pure Mature that specializes in shooting passionate, dreamy scenes of mature women with attractive younger and fit silly "comedy sex" or "Dude, can you top this?" gonzo crap. I was allowed to pick the guys myself, so I chose one of my favorite younger white studs ever, Johnny Castle, and a new young white stud I'd never shot with before named Bruce Ventura, who has a huge cock...and we all know how much I like that! Both scenes were fun - especially the one with Johnny since we have a genuine, long-running chemistry (since 2009) of shooting pro scenes, amateur scenes for my own site, and even off-camera play with Steve whenever we are in the same town at the same town. Johnny really knows how to hit all my buttons and he made me cum super-hard twice in one scene! :-) Here's a pic of us together, in case some of you don't know of him.

That's it for pro scenes so far - otherwise, Steve and I are in the process of shooting for my own site and will be offering "fan shoots" in Miami this summer...more news to come on that soon, right here on my blog as well as on my site!

That's about it for this update, everyone. Catch you online soon! :-)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now Doing Webcam Shows on Streamate and Skype!

You asked for it, you got it it....after a long layoff from webcam shows, I am now offering them again at as well as via Skype! For now I am offering solo shows 3 days a week - usually (but not always) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My Streamate show times will be usually (not always) be from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST and then I will usually be available for paid Skype chats from about 2:10 PM to 3:10 PM EST. If you are interested in a paid Skype show, please contact me via email at my site.

In addition to my solo shows, in a couple of months (probably sometime in  June) Steve will be joining me once a week for an extra "couples" show (on Streamate only, not Skype), in which you will be able to watch us having sex together when he comes home for lunch. I'm going to call the show "Lunch Meat". ;-)

Oh...and the photo above is a another "current look" update, taken just a few days ago by Steve when I was getting ready to go out to lunch with him. This is pretty much my normal, everyday look right now.

Till next time!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Gifts From Fans!

After all these years online (14 of them, as of!) I am still continually surprised by the generosity of my fans, many of whom send me so many gifts, so often, that it boggles the mind.

Here are some more gifts that arrived since my last "fan gifts" post in late January.

At the top of the first photo you'll see a commissioned painting of me which is based on one of my modeling photos and which has been custom matted and framed by a gentleman named Wayne who has been not only a loyal fan but an actual friend for several years now. I can't even imagine how much it cost to commission a custom painting from an artist and then have it custom matted and framed, but I can tell you this...I had no idea he had done so until he presented it to me in person. To say I was completely stunned is an understatement! Thank you, Wayne! You're always a sweetie but you really blew my mind with this one! Steve was likewise amazed and we are still pondering the best place to hang it our home.

Everything underneath the painting in the first photo - three pairs of red shoes (including a pair of ruby slippers with 5 inch heels!), the garter belts, the fishnet hosiery, the micro bikinis and the slingshot bikini, PLUS the red latex dress in the photo below - all arrived in a very large  box from another fan, this one named Michael. Yet again, this was a total surprise...Michael never emailed me to let me know he was sending anything. Although he does like to surprise me now and then by sending unannounced and often lavish gifts...this time he really outdid himself as the latex dress alone cost a couple hundred dollars, plus 3 pairs of expensive shoes and everything else! I have no idea what I did to inspire you to be so generous, Michael, but thank you! And of course, I promise to have photos taken in  all of these items for you. (By the way, Michael, I have never worn latex clothing before but I think it looks hot...what do you think?)

I think that from now on I will make it a point to publicly thank each and every fan who sends me gifts, right here on my blog, by taking photos of the items (and/or of me wearing them, if they are clothing items) and mentioning the fan by first name.

Thanks again, Wayne and Michael, you guys are just too much! And thank you again, everyone else who's sent me gifts in the past. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated. I have the best fans ever! :-)



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You, Everyone!

Well, guys and gals, I did it! I won the 2011 Overall Vitrix Model Team Grand Prize under my modeling/sports alter ego, Paige McFarland, thanks in great part to you, my fans! And to be fair, some credit is also due, in no small part, to a few confused but very vocal and typically overconfident "haters" who tried to ruin it for me by telling Vitrix that I do adult work (which, of course, they already knew and had been well aware of for a long time) only to have their efforts backfire and work out in my favor instead. (After all, those of you would-be Einsteins, Vitrix is a male sexual performance enhancement product, not Holy Communion wafers...goodie-two-shoes prudes are the last kind of women they want!)

When I won the May 2011 Vitrix Model Team contest, I was awarded a $2500 cash prize, an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, a photoshoot with the Vitrix Model Team photographer and the chance to compete in the 2011 Overall Vitrix Model Team contest along with all the other monthly contest winners. That was quite an honor, but the Grand Prize for the 2011 overall contest was even nicer...I won $10,000 in cash and a 6-month modeling contract as a Vitrix Model Team member, which means even more all expenses paid trips and photo shoots for the next 1/2 year. I am soooo excited! Thank you so much for all the votes, positive emails, comments on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and everything else...I could not have done it without you! :-)


Vitrix Model Team Web Site
Vitrix Model Team Facebook Page

Monday, January 30, 2012

Who Wants To "Get Behind Me" Again?

As many of you know, last year I am competed in and won the May 2011 Vitrix Model Search Contest under my modeling persona, Paige McFarland. (If you are unfamiliar with my Paige McFarland "alter ego" for modeling, please read this older blog entry first.)

For those of you who've never heard of Vitrix, it is a natural herbal male performance enhancer made by Nutrex and sold in nutrition and supplement stores nationwide which increases testosterone and thereby stamina, both in bed as well as at the gym and during sports. And yes, it does work...Steve's been using it ever since we discovered it and has been wearing me out even more than usual...and God knows, he doesn't need any further encouragement!

Well, as winner of the May 2011 monthly contest, I am now in the running for the 2011 Overall Champion contest along with 6 other lovely ladies who won other monthly contests last year. (Not all the monthly winners from 2011 are competing in the 2011 overall contest, which accounts for there only being 7 of us.) This 2011 overall contest runs from January 16th through February 13th, 2012, with the winner to be announced on February 14th. The winner will earn $10,000.00 and a 6 month contract, or extension of the model's existing contract, to be a member of the Vitrix Model Team which, among other things, means frequent professional photo shoots. In other words, MORE top-quality photos of me to for you to enjoy for FREE at the Vitrix Model Team web site, such as these current galleries of mine:

Paige's Red, Hot & Wet Gallery

Paige's Getting Dressed For A Date Gallery

So...I need the support of my fans in three key ways!

First, please stop by my contest profile, check out my photos and "get behind me" with your vote! You can vote every 2 hours, every day through February 13th...and every vote counts! (As of now I am leading in votes but there are still 14 days to go...and note that I am adding one new photo to my contest profile daily, so there's always a good reason to come back!)

Second, please visit the Official Paige McFarland Fan Page, "like" it, and "like" and comment on any of the verbal or photos posts I may make. (Note: My original fan page, which had over 8000 followers, was hacked, so this is a new one.)

Finally, please visit the Vitrix Model Team web site and read my model blogs there as well as check out my "Too Hot For Facebook"" galleries. The more traffic I send to the Vitrix web site, the better, as this, too, is part of deciding the overall contest winner.

Thanks, guys!


P.S. Yes, the good folks at Vitrix and Nutrex (the parent company for Vitrix) do, in fact, know that I am the adult performer and swinger Janet Mason - and they have no problem with it. They knew who I was when I competed in the May 2011 monthly contest and they could have easily disqualified me (but instead, I won) there is no point in would-be troublemakers (or is that troublemaking wannabe's?) "exposing" a truth which literally everyone who matters already knows. In fact, it is the Vitrix Model Team staff themselves who delete all Facebook comments from guys who post stuff like "Paige McFarland is really Janet Mason and she does porn!" on their Facebook page as soon as they are noticed...and they actually ban these guys from posting again.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gifts From Fans!

People often ask me if fans like to send me gifts and the answer is yes, all the time! Check out the photo shows me with all the fan gifts I received JUST IN THE PAST 2 1/2 MONTHS! Can you believe it? Seriously...this stuff is just from November, December and the first 1/2 of January!

This is why I don't have an Amazon Wish List...I don't need one because this is a constant thing, all year long, every year, all the way back to 1998! Jeans, blouses, lingerie, dresses, shoes and boots, jewelry, swimwear, dildos, name it and fans send me it all the time. I'm very flattered and here's a public thank-you to all the guys who sent this stuff (they each have already received private thank you notes...)

The most recent gift comes from a longtime super-fan named Andrew. He knows that the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of my favorite toys of all time, along with my Sybian...but the Sybian is huge and heavy and not practical for "quickies" he found this really cool "love seat" and variable speed controller for the Hitachi Magic Wand, which essentially makes it a poor man's Sybian or "travel Sybian", because you sit on it like you would on the Sybian and you control the speed with a remote for hands-free orgasms like the Sybian. Cool, huh!

I liked the idea of this new gadget so much that Steve shot a few pics of me opening it...and then we shot a video clip of me riding it and getting off to an INTENSE orgasm, which we're posting as today's update to the members area of my site!

Thanks, Andrew...this is going to get lots and lots of usage, for sure! ;_)

And thank you again, everyone else, for all the other super-nice gifts you've sent!