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So true...

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Finally...after several years of shutting down fakes, I created the OFFICIAL Facebook page for Janet Mason, run by me personally! Check it out and "like" it here today!

All other Facebook pages using my name are and always have been unauthorized impostors. Most have been shut down already and the rest will be soon.

I will be adding photos to my new Facebook page as I have time...but nudes are NOT allowed on Facebook, as everyone knows, so don't waste time asking for simply won't/can't happen on Facebook. That is what my web site is for! :-)

I have also linked my facebook page to my Twitter account, so anything I post on Facebook will automatically post to my Twitter profile immediately.

See you online, guys! Until my next blog entry (coming this weekend), here's a casual photo of me taken last week as I was about to go out and run errands!