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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Pro "Cougar" Shoot with Johnny Castle!

First of all I want to apologize for not posting much this summer but, as anyone who's followed me long enough knows, summers are always the "slowest" period for Steve and I due to family vacations and our kids being home from school. As such, our time for shooting new site content and new blog entries is severely curtailed. But now that all vacation trips are over with and the kids are back at school, things will pick back up again!

At the end of 2009 I announced that I was backing way, way off on pro work and would be focusing mainly on the amateur stuff that Steve and I produce for my web site, which is almost always much more "real" and a lot more fun. I never said that I had "retired" from pro work in full, nor did I imply that I would...I merely said that I'd be very picky about what pro scenes I would shoot as of 2010 onward, and that would mean doing a lot less pro scenes.

That being said, every now and then an opportunity for a top-quality pro shoot arises that I'd be crazy to pass up...and this new one for Naughty America (with fit, handsome young stud Johnny Castle) was one of them! The director actually let me personally choose my male partner for the scene, which is a very rare thing in pro work, as any performer will tell you. Since Johnny is one of my absolute favorite young boy-toys, both on and off camera (he's shot with Steve and I for my site three times so far, and we always hook up with him for intense off-camera play when our paths cross, too), he was a natural choice! The result was that rarest of things in pro video scenes - genuine (and intense) chemistry between the performers, and real (multiple) orgasms for me!

I usually don't enjoy watching my own work, especially my pro scenes, but this is one of those exceptions...Johnny's hard, muscled young body, GQ model looks, nice cock and high level of stamina never fail to arouse me, and this was no exception. And the director even let us indulge in Johnny's foot fetish (one of my specialties for sure) with lots of great foot worship and footjob action...when's the last time you've seen that in a hardcore, non-fetish pro scene?

Anyway, I usually don't blog about my pro scenes unless I feel they are genuinely worth if you are one of my many fans who wishes I did more pro work, this scene should satisfy you til my next one comes out. Check out the free pics and preview clip today and let me know what you think!