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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casting Call in Las Vegas...and other news!

I just announced a new Casting Call opportunity for my fans on my web site! I also announced my availability for Private Foot Worship sessions for my foot fetish fans. The shoots and sessions will take place in Las Vegas, NV between July 20-23. For detailed info, see the Casting Call and Travels pages of my site.

In other news, I am officially done with figure shows for the 2011 season so that I can gear up for next season. I only did two shows in 2010 and two shows this year. This year I competed in two categories in each show and placed highly in both, bringing home two 2nd Place trophies and one 3rd Place trophy. I had thought about doing 1-2 more shows this year but decided to wait until next year as I have other things I want to do. For the next 11 months I will be spending my time doing shoots for my web site, modeling, training for and running a few half-marathons (13.1 mile road races) with Steve. (Marathons and half-marathons are an old love of ours...we used to do them quite a bit and miss them!) I will be back to figure show competitions in July or August of 2012, stronger than ever, and may do more than my usual two-shows-per-season at that time. It all depends on my interests at the time as I like to keep my options open...competing is not something I take seriously as I have no long term goals with my sports other than to enjoy them and stay healthy & fit with Steve!

That's it for today, guys and gals. See you online!