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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back from vacation...with some new ideas!

Every year at Spring Break time Steve and I take some sort of family vacation with our kids. But this year, with our youngest child (and last remaining one still living at home) deciding to go on a trip with a best friend's family for a change, Steve and I found ourselves with a whole week to ourselves, so we decided to take a much-needed "couples time" trip to sunny south Florida. And what a trip it was!

In addition to some much-needed rest & relaxation on the beach, we were able to meet another couple with a web site who live in the area (Jodi West and her husband) and a drop-dead gorgeous single black lady, Diamond Jackson (see the photo of us together), who also is local to the area and is oh-my-God sexy...and she wants to shoot a scene or two with me for my site! And last but certainly not least, we met the MILF goddess Brandi Love, who was in town on business alone, and who also wants to shoot with us soon. Now that's what I call a fun trip!

And that brings me to a hot topic of conversation between Steve and I. You see, quite a few very attractive ladies (including my new friend Diamond Jackson) have offered to shoot scenes with Steve, too - either having him jump while (or after) we ladies have fun together, or one-on-one with him alone, with me filming it. (Steve, despite being well-hung and in great shape, is still not an exhibitionist like I am, though, so he'd still be seen only from chest-to-waist in anything we might shoot, just like our scenes together.)

Now, obviously, this would be new totally territory for us. Sure, we've done it off camera with select ladies...but we're curious as to how you, my fans, would feel about seeing Steve "get lucky" with women other than just me oncamera...I mean with totally hot ladies like Diamond Jackson, Brandi Love, Gabby Quinteros and Jodi West. What do you guys think? Please let us know by posting your thoughts here as a blog comment!