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So true...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off-camera (well, sort-of) play with a young white boytoy!

As you all know, Steve and I truly are into the "hotwife" lifestyle. After all, that's how we started off before going online so many years ago! While we share an enormous amount of our lifestyle on my site, we still like to play without lights, video cameras and model releases and just have an indulgent, hedonistic time with no "business" purposes whatsoever. So, two nights ago, we did just that with a hot, muscular young 20-something stud who has become a perennial favorite of mine. Although he will remain nameless for privacy's sake, I can tell you this...he is white, in his mid-20's, super-handsome, works as a model (think "GQ" looks), has an amazing body from years of working out, is quite well-endowed, has the staying power of a bull and is as crazy about me as I am about him. Every time we get together, it's a mind-blower!

Even after over 20 years together, Steve still loves to pamper me and the other night's fun with this "fantasy boytoy" was a complete surprise gift. As it turns out, Steve had contacted our young friend and started setting everything up days ahead of time, informing me of it only that morning after he had worked out all the details. To say that I was instantly aroused when Steve told me that I was going to have an entire evening with one of my absolute favorite young boytoys would be an understatement...I felt myself flush and get wet as soon as the words came out of his mouth! As the day went on, every time I thought about it my excitement grew and the sexual tension between Steve and I increased. (I love that feeling of slowly mounting sexual tension...)

Finally the evening arrived. To set the mood, Steve lit scented candles all over our hotel suite, put some sensual music on and drew a hot bath in the tub for me to luxuriate in while I sipped a glass of red wine and nibbled on dark chocolate and berries. So decadent! I took my sweet time getting ready, making sure to take care of all the little details...perfect hair, perfect nails, etc. After my bath, Steve helped me pick out some sexy satin lingerie from Victoria's Secret for me to wear and I laid down on the bed while he gently rubbed lotion into my skin, all over my entire body, and we talked about the evening ahead of us. Steve had quite a hard on in his jeans, I was already wet again and we were both shaking with anticipation!

Finally, my young lover arrived. What a hunk! I never get tired of looking at him. We all three sat down and had a little wine together....very little, as the sexual tension in the air was so thick right away. Both guys had their hands on me as I sat between them, getting more turned on by the minute. Not being able to resist any longer, my boytoy and I started making out (he's a fabulous kisser) while Steve was stroking my legs, my hair and my face gently, alternating that with kissing me on the back of my neck, my hands and my feet. Clothes started coming off in a flurry and I was instantly lost in lust, running my hands all over my boytoy's young, muscled body as we kissed. Steve continued to stroke me while whispering in my ear that he loved me, that I looked so beautiful, and told me to just let myself go. I was so flushed by now that my skin felt hot and "rashy" that is what the hotwife lifestyle is all about!

In moments we were all three in the bedroom and I was on my knees pulling this hot young dreamboat's jeans to his knees. His super-hard cock sprang out, beet-red with youthful vigor, bouncing right in my face and throbbing with his pulse over his large, dangling balls. Instantly I went into what I call "cock-worship mode", stroking and sucking his hard young member and caressing his balls while I looked up to watch his reaction. "Beautiful", I heard Steve say, and I looked over to find him with his pants down and stroking his own large and rock-hard cock as he watched me orally service our young friend, whose eyes were rolled back in his head as he moaned with pleasure.

The next thing I know I'm up on the edge of the bed with my young lover pulling my now soaking-wet panties aside and his hot, wet tongue touching my swollen clit while Steve gently grabbed my left ankle and starting sucking my freshly-pedicured toes. about sweet, indulgent, heavenly's hard to put into words just how decadent that felt!

The heat continued unabated and soon I was on my back, dripping wet and oh-so-ready for my hardbodied young stud to enter me. Steve then indulged me in a long-time fantasy of mine by straddling my face so that I could lick and suck his balls while he grabbed my ankles and pulled back my legs, holding them wide open for my young lover to plunge deep inside of me. The combination of our young friend's thick cock inside me while my own husband "opened me up" for him while I sucked his balls was oh so hot, oh so nasty...and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Steve pulled my ankles closer to his face and started sucking my toes again and licking my feet all over like they were ice cream cones! It was total sensory overload...the young cock fucking me, the light musky smell and taste of my husband's aching balls...the nerve-endings firing all over my body as he licked and sucked my feet...whew! My eyes rolled back in my head and I saw fireworks as I shuddered hard with my first of many orgasms for the evening, covered in sweat and breathing hard. Again, it was indescribable decadent, so us.

My lover, being so young and full of energy, wasn't about to rest, though. We continued to fuck in many different positions, kissing deeply, licking and stroking each others bodies and moaning like animals while Steve watched, slowly stroked his engorged cock and encouraged us. Soon I climbed on top of my boytoy's ultra-hard young cock to ride him when Steve surprised me yet again by living out yet another taboo fantasy of mine...grabbing my ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart and tonguing my asshole as I rode my young admirer's cock.

Oh my God....the feeling was indescribable! I totally lost it, slamming down hard onto my young lover's cock while pushing my ass back hard into Steve's face, trying to drive his hot tongue as deeply into my asshole as I could...totally lost in animal-like lust again. Suddenly the pleasure became overwhelming and I screamed loudly, diggng my nails hard into my young lover's chest while I climaxed with a long series of violent shakes and jerks while moaning unintelligibly, like a woman possessed by pure lust. (Which, of course, I was!)

Whew! Orgasm #2 for me, and I'm so sweaty that it looks like I just walked out of a sauna. But neither hubby nor my young lover had come yet. Gotta love feeling that pampered!

With no rest at all, my young lover was on top of me again, fucking me furiously with all the vigor of his youth, and I was begging for him to pump his hot young cum deep inside of me as I grabbed the hard cheeks of his muscular ass and dug my long red fingernails into them. That was all it took, after all that holding back for so long on his part... his eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned loudly as he shot off deep inside my soaking pussy, filling me with spurt after spurt of his virile young seed. I love a hot, gooey creampie and my young lover did not disappoint...his load was huge! I loved looking at it ooozing out of me and showed it off to the boys, who gawked at the mess he had made in me, now gushing out all over the sheets as I played with it like a kid in a candy store.

Unlike many single guys who play with couples, this one knows his place...he knows that he is just an extra man for extra fun, not a replacement for Steve, so after a quick moment of rest as they both massaged my sweaty body, he took a quick rinse in the shower and left Steve and I alone to connect as a couple. Still naked, still sweaty and with another man's cum leaking out of me, Steve and I snuggled on the bed as he kissed me, told me he loved me and said how incredibly beautiful and sexy I looked that night as I fucked my young lover. Of course, he was also hard as a rock again, having not come yet...and I was still horny! So I flipped over onto my knees, arched my ass high up into the air, and asked him to fuck me hard and fill me with his own load. Wasting no time, he drove his big, throbbing cock into my sloppy, cum-filled pussy in one fell stroke. I told him to hold still as I fucked him by backing up onto his cock slowly, over and over again, twisting my hips from side to side while I told him how much I love the way he spoils me with hot young studs and how amazing it felt as he stroked my body, sucked my toes, licked my feet and tongue-fucked my ass while I was lost in wild abandon with my young lover. (Oh, that and how wild it was to lick and suck his musky balls as I got fucked by another man!)

Well, that did it...losing all control, hubby grabbed my hips hard, held me firmly in place and started fucking me so fast and deep that I thought we'd both fly off the bed! Within a minute he tensed up, moaned like an animal and starting filling my creamy pussy with his hot, sticky second load of the night! Whew! There's something soooo incredibly kinky about having more than one man ejaculate inside me one right after the other. What a night! Exhausted and sweaty, we crumbled into the sheets and fell asleep in each others arms, waking up 10 hours later, still snuggling and with big Cheshire cat grins on our faces.

Although we did not intend to "shoot for the site", Steve did take some photos of the evening's fun for our personal use as well as our young friend's...but we ended up with so many good ones that there are simply far too many to post in the blog, so these few images are all you get to see...just enough to let your imagination fill in the holes! (We will post the rest of the photo series in the members area of my site soon.)

Oh, yes...Steve's got another off-camera surprise for me tomorrow night...this time with a SUPER-hung black stud that we've met with several times, both on-camera and off. What a great trip this has been!