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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching up after a busy summer!

Hi guys & gals!

A lot has been going on since my last blog update. So why haven't I updated it in so long? Well...because, in my opinion, most of the "news" just isn't that interesting. However, it's easy to forget that my fans may want to hear most of the "news" in my life so that they feel connected to me. To those fans who feel that way, I apologize and vow to try to be better about updating this blog.

So...what's been happening since my last update in June? Lots! Most of it mundane and not related to the "adult" realm, such as our kids being out of school for the summer (read: even more family time than usual and, of course, less time "adult" time than usual) but some of it video shoots with fans for my site, two trips to L.A. for select pro scenes, etc.

I'll start with June. With the kids out of school, that always means family vacation time (and I don't discuss my personal family life with fans, hence no posts about that), less time online, and no time for webcam shows. But the kids did end up taking a vacation at their grandparents' place and during that time Steve and I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Florida, where I met with fans for video shoots for my site, private foot worship sessions for my "foot fans" (which are not recorded), a few pro modeling gigs and one pro scene with a young guy for the Bang Bros "MILF Soup" site. We even got in some nude beach time at Haulover Beach, which is one of our favorite beaches anywhere. (You've got to love a nude beach that is not only legal, but is actually funded and operated by the local government and even has police to keep the weirdos under control.) Great trip! :-)

For July it was mostly more family time, but the kids did end up going to camp for a spell so, with nothing else planned, Steve and I went out to L.A. for the first time in several months where, as usual, we met with fans for shoots for my site, I met a several "foot fans" for private foot worship sessions, and I also did several pro video scenes - interracial with (and for) the legendary Sean Michaels, interracial with Flash Brown for Blacks on Cougars, two "MILF/Cougar" shoots with young studs for the Brazzers Network, another MILF/Cougar shoot for Penthouse with the handsome young dreamboat Rocco Reed, an interracial FMF threeway with LT and Taylor Wayne...and yet another MILF/Cougar shoot for Naughty America's "My First Sex Teacher" series. Whew...all that on top of sex with Steve every single about a satisfied woman! Yet another great trip, and it was followed by three more professional modeling gigs in Atlanta and Orlando. Truly a very busy, productive and fun month!

August was spent almost entirely on family time, with the exceptions of two professional glamour and fine art modeling gigs in Atlanta. When the kids went back to school at the end of the month, Steve and I took a much-need breather from site work, no pro work, no modeling...just well-deserved time off!

With our batteries fully charged by early September, things started getting busy again. Modeling shoots and private foot worship sessions in Atlanta, the start of offering weekly webcam shows for my site members...and a another great week-long trip to California! The first four days were spent hours north of LA...Steve and I spent two days off for "couples time", walking the beaches and exploring the delightful historic downtown area of San Luis Obispo (one of our new favorite California towns, right up there with Santa Barbara) before heading about an hour and a half south to stay at a horse ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley for 2 days to shoot for Girlfriends Films, where we ran into our old friends Deauxma and her husband Larry, who were also staying at the ranch with the GFF cast and crew. Wow, talk about relaxing! Our ranch house rental sat up high on a hill, with a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains and the valley below...and on top of that, the sex was great! I had one scene with the petite 18 year old Tabby and one with the exotic, sexy young Princezz. Both scenes were awesome...the kind you can't believe you're getting paid for! A lovely woman to please and be pleased by each day, and my handsome hubby to please and be pleased by each night. Gotta love that!

After my last scene with Princezz, Steve and I drove down to the LA area to shoot with fans, and I also did two more pro scenes...a "fitness porn" scene with TJ Cummings, and a 3D "POV sex" shoot for Penthouse (my first 3D shoot ever) with a well-hung newcomer named Pike Nelson. Plus a few amazingly decadent dinners at fancy restaurants with hubby Steve, followed by the usual "sex for desert"...he always loves to indulge me!

That leads us to today, September 22. Steve and I are actually headed back to L.A. again tomorrow for another week, where we'll be primarily shooting with fans for my site, but I'll also be offering private foot worship sessions to my "foot fans" and doing 1-2 pro scenes...but the who and what of that will have to wait til my next blog update after we get back home! ;-)

Until next time, stay safe and play safe!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog udpate coming...

OK, I know I promised to update the blog more often...but the fact is that I just haven't had much interesting to say, in my opinion. I'm not one of those types to blog-for-the-sake-of-blogging, jotting down every random thought that passes through my head, telling silly jokes, or posting photos of food that I'm about to eat, etc., like so many ladies do. And since neither Steve nor I are "partiers", there are no tales of debauchery or overindulgence in alcohol or drugs to share, either (which, to us, is a good thing).

On the other hand, I've been very busy lately...shooting with fans for my site, art & glamour modeling, and doing very select pro work in I suppose it's time to update you on all of that. As such....look for a new entry here in the next few days! But please, guys and gals, just don't expect me to turn this blog into a never-ending source of meaningless, trivial information or over-embellished stories of "exciting" things that actually didn't happen. That's just not my style.

See you all soon! :-)