Friday, February 26, 2010

New Amateur DVD Release! Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 6: "Mann Meat In The Morning"

I know, I know...I've been "quiet" lately on the blog and site. Sorry, guys and gals, but Steve and I have been very, very busy with our "real world" life now that we've returned to strictly amateur status. But things are looking up now and you'll be hearing a lot more form us soon!

In keeping with that, it's been almost 4 months since I released a new amateur-style DVD on my site so I think this one, entitled "Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 6: Mann Meat In The Morning", will thrill both new fans and old fans alike!

Richard Mann - he of legendary-size cock, balls and sexual stamina - flew out to visit Steve and I for a entire weekend of hot, steamy sex, most of which wecaptured on video or photos for posterity. Richard and I fucked like animals for 3 1/2 straight hours that Friday night after he landed at the airport...and Steve caught the action in a long series of photos (which are coming soon to the members area of my site). The next morning, as Steve and I were having our morning coffee and discussing the previous night's fun, Richard woke up and came down to join us...only to have us ending up dropping our bathrobes and fucking like animals again, right in the kitchen, while Steve rolled tape...and that is what you'll find on this new DVD.

That evening we fucked yet again, right in front of the fireplace and by candlelight...and that hot action is coming up for next month's DVD release.

Then on Sunday morning we fucked again, with Steve joining, sadly, there are no photos or video from that morning.

Finally, with only 30 minutes to go before taking Richard back to the airport to catch his flight, Richard was still horny and asked me to give him one of my famous handjobs for a last-minute quickie...which, of course, I did, milking another massive load of cum from his gigantic black balls, and which Steve also caught on tape. about a sex-drenched weekend!

Check out the Store at my site for 33 sample stills and a free 2-minute preview clip. This one is destined to be another classic!