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So true...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This past month has been one of encountering one incredibly gorgeous woman after another for me in my private, off-camera life as well as on my web site and pro sets, too. Recently I had the honor of doing my first scene for Penthouse's site and was paired with the super-feminine, lovely Holly Sampson. Holly is truly beautiful - a rare thing in the porn world - and incredibly sensual in bed. Our hot scene has just been added to The trailer alone is very classy and well gonzo here. Just women being women, playing alone. Let me know what you think! This pic was taken of us just before the cameras started rolling. The entire crew was sweating after we got done with each other...they thought our scene was that hot! ;)

Holly and I had such natural chemistry together and the mutual attraction was so strong that we have made plans to get together again and shoot our own scene, with Steve behind the camera, for my web site. I can't wait!