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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Times On The Air...

Earlier today I was on the radio for the very first time, and it was a blast! I met and chatted with adult film legend Christy Canyon and her co-host, Nicki Hunter, on their show "Night Calls" on Playboy Radio (XM/Sirius channel 99).

According to Mapquest the drive to the Playboy Radio studio was to take about 35 minutes but, this being L.A., I figured I'd have to double that and then still add a little more time for good measure. And sure enough, it took me 95 minutes to get there! I was worried that I wouldn't make it on time....but ended up arriving exactly at my scheduled call time of 4:30 PM. Whew! I was met in the office by a petite, dark haired young cutie of a girl, and we sat down in the lounge and went through a list of questions that I would be asked. Then she he told me to wait there until she came back to get me when it was time for me to go on the air. I sat there, nervously texting Steve to let him know I had made it on time. Right on time, at 5 PM sharp, the office girl came back to get me and escorted me into a radio booth for the first time in my life. Christy (who is sooo pretty still!) and Nicki (the "wild one" of the two) and I all made quick introductions, then on went the headphones and off we went! My heart was racing. I had no idea where things would go!

After a few moments of chatting with my hosts and getting used to the headphones, I relaxed and just enjoyed the conversation. Just three openly-sexual women sharing girl-talk style. Openly talking about my love of huge cocks, interracial sex and endless loads of cum from strange men. Retelling my first experiences of how and when I first found out these things turned me on so much. It was really an exhilarating and refreshing experience! Thankfully, the focus was on my own web site and background as an amateur, rather than the pro work I've done on the side recently! Both Christy and Nicki were really into the fact that I had a website online for 11 years and that Steve and I are truly a loving couple and a "team" that loves what we do. I loved being able to talk to these two ladies freely and explicitly! They hold nothing back! The time passed all to quickly. Following the segment we hugged and chatted a bit more. They said they would like to have me back again time, with hubby Steve in tow to talk more and get a story on our experiences as a couple who does this because we love it, rather than just for the money alone. Now that sounds like fun, too!

I know some of you were able to listen, based on your emails, and I appreciate your positive feedback. I was hoping that I might be able speak with some of you "live", but apparently it is really hard to get through...and those few callers who did get through did not know who I was and asked some pretty odd questions that had NOTHING to do with what we were talking about. Oh was still fun!

Until next time...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playboy Radio Appearance Tomorrow!

Over the years I've had many fans ask if I would ever consider doing a call-in radio show interview...and now, after almost 11 years online, I've finally gotten an opportunity to do just that! I'm proud to announce that I have the honor of having been invited to do a live-in-the-studio appearance on Playboy's "Night Calls Radio" show with hosts Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue, tomorrow afternoon! (Friday, March 27th, 2009). Here's a link to a press release about the event:

Janet Mason On Playboy Radio

I am soooo excited about this opportunity to interact in real-time with my fans, many of whom I've been communicating with via email for the past please call in (toll-free) with your questions and comments at 877.205.9796! As noted in the press release linked above, the show is broadcast on both Sirius and XM satellite radio on channel 99 Monday-Friday from 4-7 PM Pacific. I think my appearance will be broadcast around 5PM, but please tune in early just in case I'm wrong. I hope to speak with as many of you as possible on the show!

Hugs ~

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cougar Paradise: Two Young Studs In One Day!

Today was a banner day for a confirmed cougar...I actually enjoyed the pleasure of TWO young lovers in the same in the morning and one in the evening! Oddly enough, both guys are Swiss, the other British. Also, both are 25 years old, very cute, very well-hung, crazy about older women and big fans of my site.

The first young stud, Will, from Switzerland, is a cutie that I've played with a few times before and who will soon be appearing in pics, clips and DVDs on my site.

The second stud, Kieran, from Great Britain, was a "first-timer"...he's been a fan for a few years and we finally managed to connect now that we both live in L.A., and our encounter today will soon be featured on my site, too!

As usual, Steve was on hand to indulge my carnal desires for hard young flesh and to capture the fun on camera for posterity. With both guys the action went from very sensual at first, with lots of caressing and kissing, to all-out frenzied lust, with lots of hard-pounding, sweaty fucking...and both encounters ended with MASSIVE facials! Wow...I'm still reeling from the pleasure...each guy brought me to at least two orgasms and each plastered my face with ooodles of the hot, virile young cum I love so can't beat that!

And what about hubby Steve, you may ask? Well, rest assured that I did not neglect him...I gave him a killer blowjob and swallowed his load after Will left and then another one at night after Kieran left. That made a total of 4 loads of cum on my face and in my kind of day!

Until next time...