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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm In The News! My First Adult Press Articles...

It's a exciting yet odd feeling to find out that I am being written about in the national adult industry press. On the one hand, it's very flattering to be called a "rising star" and "Ultra-MILF"...but on the other hand, it's a little embarrassing because I'm still "just little old me", an amateur at heart, doing what I love...having lots of great sex and still running my amateur site with my hubby, Steve! I keep thinking to myself, "Do I really deserve this kind of attention?"

For those of you who may be curious, check out these articles in AVN:

Janet Mason: Taking It Black - AVN, March 20, 2009.
(Teaser story for my forthcoming AVN interview next Thursday.)

Rising Star PR Signs Janet Mason - AVN , March 17, 2009.
(Article on my signing with Rising Star Public Relations.)

Tina Tyler Performs in Mercenary's 'MILF Magnet 3' - AVN , February 17, 2009.
(Not about me per se, but my name is mentioned and some very complimentary things are said about me by AVN and Lexington Steele.)

That's it for now, but when more articles are published I'll be sure to post them here. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, everybody!


Monday, March 16, 2009

9-Man Interracial Gangbang...A Fantasy Cum True!

I've been holding back on you... I was waiting until I had "proof" that I really did it!

In January I experienced an interracial gang bang with 9 well-hung black guys for the Blacks On Blondes site, and it FINALLY was released today! OK, their site is billing it as 8 men because one of the guys couldn't hang and never came, but I actually sucked and fucked 9 big black cocks that day! It was a dream came true! I know, I know...I'm not a traditional "blonde" for their site's theme, but it was their idea and we can pretend I'm a strawberry blonde and I guess they bent the rules a teensy bit to make it happen!

I still can't believe it myself! Plus, Steve came along to WATCH! Usually, husbands and wives aren't allowed on set for "pro" shoots, but this was a BIG day and the director personally invited him to stay and watch. As my fans know, I love knowing that he is watching me live out my wildest fantasies...and this was one of my biggest fantasies ever!

I woke up that morning with plenty of time to shower and be super-soft and sweet-smelling before I headed in to the studio a few hours earlier than Steve to meet with the hair and make-up artist. I wanted to look super hot and make sure we had plenty of time to get me ready. I even bought a brand new bra and panty set for the occasion and a short, curve-hugging turquoise dress. I was so nervous and excited that I couldn't eat! I was in the make-up chair when the doorbell started buzzing and the guys started arriving. My heart skipped a beat or two! I kept texting Steve asking, "are you close?" I was all dolled-up and went out to great Steve when he got there and introduce him to everyone as more guys kept showing up. Steve kissed me and squeezed me and told me how beautiful I looked and whispered in my ear, "Your about to get fucked by at least 8 black guys, baby...just like you always wanted..." I'm flushed and start to get wet at the thought, especially since he is there watching!

We shoot a quick set-up for the scene, which seems to last forever! The anticipation is now killing me. Then I finally end up walking into the room and the real action starts from there! My head is reeling and heart is pounding. The guys gather around and start squeezing me and telling me how hot I am and pulling my clothes off. The next thing I know I'm sucking one hard cock after another and bent over with one buried deep inside me. I'm in heaven! I have no idea how many times I came that day, but I know I ended up with 9 loads of hot cum in my mouth, on my face, a couple of really hot creampies...Wow! It was a super intense adventure and left me wanting MORE!

Steve and I had a very intense moment of our own that night in bed reliving the morning's events...So that makes for 10 loads total that day!

I can't wait to hear what you think after you see the scene! Just click here to check it out and don't forget to vote for my scene!

In case you are wondering, yes, Steve and I got names and numbers from all the guys and plan to have another gangbang "Janet Exposed"-style, with hubby behind the camera, hopefully sometime in the near future!

Have a super week!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

New DVD Release!

I'm proud to announce the release of Lexington Steele's MILF Magnet #3, one of my first "pro" DVDs and the first pro title that I've been able to offer directly to my fans on my own web site! Not only do I have the honor of gracing the box cover, but my scene with Lex is the first one on the DVD and, quite frankly, it is smoking hot! Plus there are 4 more scenes of other girls taking on Lex's legendary 11-inch pole...even Lex's director, Tina Tyler, comes out from behind the camera and gets treated to a royal fucking by Lex's young, hung, built friend C.J. Wright. A total run time of 3 hours and a "Behind The Scenes" interview with me and the other girls...and each copy is personally autographed by me! To purchase this exclusive autographed edition, which is not available anywhere else, please visit the Store section of my site today!