Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Times On The Air...

Earlier today I was on the radio for the very first time, and it was a blast! I met and chatted with adult film legend Christy Canyon and her co-host, Nicki Hunter, on their show "Night Calls" on Playboy Radio (XM/Sirius channel 99).

According to Mapquest the drive to the Playboy Radio studio was to take about 35 minutes but, this being L.A., I figured I'd have to double that and then still add a little more time for good measure. And sure enough, it took me 95 minutes to get there! I was worried that I wouldn't make it on time....but ended up arriving exactly at my scheduled call time of 4:30 PM. Whew! I was met in the office by a petite, dark haired young cutie of a girl, and we sat down in the lounge and went through a list of questions that I would be asked. Then she he told me to wait there until she came back to get me when it was time for me to go on the air. I sat there, nervously texting Steve to let him know I had made it on time. Right on time, at 5 PM sharp, the office girl came back to get me and escorted me into a radio booth for the first time in my life. Christy (who is sooo pretty still!) and Nicki (the "wild one" of the two) and I all made quick introductions, then on went the headphones and off we went! My heart was racing. I had no idea where things would go!

After a few moments of chatting with my hosts and getting used to the headphones, I relaxed and just enjoyed the conversation. Just three openly-sexual women sharing girl-talk style. Openly talking about my love of huge cocks, interracial sex and endless loads of cum from strange men. Retelling my first experiences of how and when I first found out these things turned me on so much. It was really an exhilarating and refreshing experience! Thankfully, the focus was on my own web site and background as an amateur, rather than the pro work I've done on the side recently! Both Christy and Nicki were really into the fact that I had a website online for 11 years and that Steve and I are truly a loving couple and a "team" that loves what we do. I loved being able to talk to these two ladies freely and explicitly! They hold nothing back! The time passed all to quickly. Following the segment we hugged and chatted a bit more. They said they would like to have me back again time, with hubby Steve in tow to talk more and get a story on our experiences as a couple who does this because we love it, rather than just for the money alone. Now that sounds like fun, too!

I know some of you were able to listen, based on your emails, and I appreciate your positive feedback. I was hoping that I might be able speak with some of you "live", but apparently it is really hard to get through...and those few callers who did get through did not know who I was and asked some pretty odd questions that had NOTHING to do with what we were talking about. Oh was still fun!

Until next time...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playboy Radio Appearance Tomorrow!

Over the years I've had many fans ask if I would ever consider doing a call-in radio show interview...and now, after almost 11 years online, I've finally gotten an opportunity to do just that! I'm proud to announce that I have the honor of having been invited to do a live-in-the-studio appearance on Playboy's "Night Calls Radio" show with hosts Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue, tomorrow afternoon! (Friday, March 27th, 2009). Here's a link to a press release about the event:

Janet Mason On Playboy Radio

I am soooo excited about this opportunity to interact in real-time with my fans, many of whom I've been communicating with via email for the past please call in (toll-free) with your questions and comments at 877.205.9796! As noted in the press release linked above, the show is broadcast on both Sirius and XM satellite radio on channel 99 Monday-Friday from 4-7 PM Pacific. I think my appearance will be broadcast around 5PM, but please tune in early just in case I'm wrong. I hope to speak with as many of you as possible on the show!

Hugs ~

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cougar Paradise: Two Young Studs In One Day!

Today was a banner day for a confirmed cougar...I actually enjoyed the pleasure of TWO young lovers in the same in the morning and one in the evening! Oddly enough, both guys are Swiss, the other British. Also, both are 25 years old, very cute, very well-hung, crazy about older women and big fans of my site.

The first young stud, Will, from Switzerland, is a cutie that I've played with a few times before and who will soon be appearing in pics, clips and DVDs on my site.

The second stud, Kieran, from Great Britain, was a "first-timer"...he's been a fan for a few years and we finally managed to connect now that we both live in L.A., and our encounter today will soon be featured on my site, too!

As usual, Steve was on hand to indulge my carnal desires for hard young flesh and to capture the fun on camera for posterity. With both guys the action went from very sensual at first, with lots of caressing and kissing, to all-out frenzied lust, with lots of hard-pounding, sweaty fucking...and both encounters ended with MASSIVE facials! Wow...I'm still reeling from the pleasure...each guy brought me to at least two orgasms and each plastered my face with ooodles of the hot, virile young cum I love so can't beat that!

And what about hubby Steve, you may ask? Well, rest assured that I did not neglect him...I gave him a killer blowjob and swallowed his load after Will left and then another one at night after Kieran left. That made a total of 4 loads of cum on my face and in my kind of day!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm In The News! My First Adult Press Articles...

It's a exciting yet odd feeling to find out that I am being written about in the national adult industry press. On the one hand, it's very flattering to be called a "rising star" and "Ultra-MILF"...but on the other hand, it's a little embarrassing because I'm still "just little old me", an amateur at heart, doing what I love...having lots of great sex and still running my amateur site with my hubby, Steve! I keep thinking to myself, "Do I really deserve this kind of attention?"

For those of you who may be curious, check out these articles in AVN:

Janet Mason: Taking It Black - AVN, March 20, 2009.
(Teaser story for my forthcoming AVN interview next Thursday.)

Rising Star PR Signs Janet Mason - AVN , March 17, 2009.
(Article on my signing with Rising Star Public Relations.)

Tina Tyler Performs in Mercenary's 'MILF Magnet 3' - AVN , February 17, 2009.
(Not about me per se, but my name is mentioned and some very complimentary things are said about me by AVN and Lexington Steele.)

That's it for now, but when more articles are published I'll be sure to post them here. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, everybody!


Monday, March 16, 2009

9-Man Interracial Gangbang...A Fantasy Cum True!

I've been holding back on you... I was waiting until I had "proof" that I really did it!

In January I experienced an interracial gang bang with 9 well-hung black guys for the Blacks On Blondes site, and it FINALLY was released today! OK, their site is billing it as 8 men because one of the guys couldn't hang and never came, but I actually sucked and fucked 9 big black cocks that day! It was a dream came true! I know, I know...I'm not a traditional "blonde" for their site's theme, but it was their idea and we can pretend I'm a strawberry blonde and I guess they bent the rules a teensy bit to make it happen!

I still can't believe it myself! Plus, Steve came along to WATCH! Usually, husbands and wives aren't allowed on set for "pro" shoots, but this was a BIG day and the director personally invited him to stay and watch. As my fans know, I love knowing that he is watching me live out my wildest fantasies...and this was one of my biggest fantasies ever!

I woke up that morning with plenty of time to shower and be super-soft and sweet-smelling before I headed in to the studio a few hours earlier than Steve to meet with the hair and make-up artist. I wanted to look super hot and make sure we had plenty of time to get me ready. I even bought a brand new bra and panty set for the occasion and a short, curve-hugging turquoise dress. I was so nervous and excited that I couldn't eat! I was in the make-up chair when the doorbell started buzzing and the guys started arriving. My heart skipped a beat or two! I kept texting Steve asking, "are you close?" I was all dolled-up and went out to great Steve when he got there and introduce him to everyone as more guys kept showing up. Steve kissed me and squeezed me and told me how beautiful I looked and whispered in my ear, "Your about to get fucked by at least 8 black guys, baby...just like you always wanted..." I'm flushed and start to get wet at the thought, especially since he is there watching!

We shoot a quick set-up for the scene, which seems to last forever! The anticipation is now killing me. Then I finally end up walking into the room and the real action starts from there! My head is reeling and heart is pounding. The guys gather around and start squeezing me and telling me how hot I am and pulling my clothes off. The next thing I know I'm sucking one hard cock after another and bent over with one buried deep inside me. I'm in heaven! I have no idea how many times I came that day, but I know I ended up with 9 loads of hot cum in my mouth, on my face, a couple of really hot creampies...Wow! It was a super intense adventure and left me wanting MORE!

Steve and I had a very intense moment of our own that night in bed reliving the morning's events...So that makes for 10 loads total that day!

I can't wait to hear what you think after you see the scene! Just click here to check it out and don't forget to vote for my scene!

In case you are wondering, yes, Steve and I got names and numbers from all the guys and plan to have another gangbang "Janet Exposed"-style, with hubby behind the camera, hopefully sometime in the near future!

Have a super week!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

New DVD Release!

I'm proud to announce the release of Lexington Steele's MILF Magnet #3, one of my first "pro" DVDs and the first pro title that I've been able to offer directly to my fans on my own web site! Not only do I have the honor of gracing the box cover, but my scene with Lex is the first one on the DVD and, quite frankly, it is smoking hot! Plus there are 4 more scenes of other girls taking on Lex's legendary 11-inch pole...even Lex's director, Tina Tyler, comes out from behind the camera and gets treated to a royal fucking by Lex's young, hung, built friend C.J. Wright. A total run time of 3 hours and a "Behind The Scenes" interview with me and the other girls...and each copy is personally autographed by me! To purchase this exclusive autographed edition, which is not available anywhere else, please visit the Store section of my site today!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Feelin' Lucky for St. Patrick's Day!

About a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with married couple Kelly & Ryan Madison of Porn Fidelity fame. Kelly is a super sexy, super busty MILF and extremely full of life. She and Ryan love to indulge in threesomes and share the fun on their sites. Kelly just loves to celebrate the holidays and she truly gets "in the spirit", so we decided to have a little St. Patty's Day magical fun together.

The story is that Kelly and Ryan were out on a romantic picnic...and I was a very naughty, very horny little leprechaun spying on them...right down to my shamrock socks and green bow-tie. I sneek up on them and steel their box of Lucky Charms. They are totally unsuspecting but wonder "What in the world? Where did they go?"

They go off for some hanky-panky under the bushes when I suddenly pop up out of nowhere to get "lucky" myself. What's a holiday picnic without a little 3-way sex on the picnic blanket?

This was TOTALLY different from the raw "amateur" sex stuff that Steve and I like to post on my own site but it was a lot of fun to shoot! I hope you check out the preview clip and do tell Kelly and Ryan that I said "hello" while you are there! I don't usually eat sugary cereal, but eating it off of Kelly's ass mixed with Ryan's hot cum made them Magically Delicious!

Janet Mason

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lexington Steele Cums Back For More! in L.A. has been amazing enough as is, but it doesn't get any better than days like today!

My phone rang yesterday afternoon and I picked it up to find Lexington Steele's name in the caller I.D....which was cosmically funny because Steve was, right at that very moment, playing the raw footage of my last encounter with Lex while making a backup copy to an external hard-drive! With my heart pounding in my chest, I answered the phone. Then get this...Lex, the famous porn star, apologizes for not calling sooner, but says he's been busy! Huh? OK, like I was ever upset...but OK! Then he says he's got copies of the MILF Magent #3 DVD that I shot a scene with him for that are mine to sell on my site. Which is great, because Steve and I also wanted to give him a copy of the DVD that he and I made for my own site! I asked if I should stop by his office and he says, "Actually, what are you doing tomorrow? I can hand deliver them." As the cosmic galaxy timing goes...Steve and I are actually free! So, we set a time for him to stop by on his lunch hour today to drop them off. But I have another plan...

When Lex arrived, I answer the door dressed in a super-sexy black satin push-up bra, satin thong, garter with imported Italian high fashion stockings with RHT and seams up the back and a pair of my sexy classic pumps. After a few minutes of chit-chat, his eyes bulging (and something in his pants too) we sit down on the sofa to show each other our DVDs. We make it through the trailer of the DVD that Steve and I shot at Lex's house in January...and his huge cock is literally flopping around in his pants and I'm soaking wet as we watch. A few kisses later and I hop up to put his MILF Magnet 3 DVD in, as I have yet to see it myself and neither has Steve. I feel like a kid at Christmas trying to unwrap it. I pop it in the DVD player and hurry back to the sofa and crawl across his lap giving him a quick smooch...he says, "Aww, I thought you were going to stay there..." (on top of him). Who am I to disappoint Lexington Steele! We had to wait through the opening stuff to get to the preview anyway! Well, we made it about 2 minutes into the scene of him and me before Lex stands up with his monstrous black cock hanging out of his zipper and I simply can't resist. I stroke and suck his massive hard-on like a starved woman. I'm super turned-on and before you know it, he has me bent over the ottoman (just like he had me bent over in MILF Magnet 3, which is still playing as we fuck), burying his huge, black cock in my sopping pussy. Several positions and orgasms later, he's squirting a load into my mouth, all over my face and breasts...Phew! My kind of power lunch! And best of all, Steve caught every moment on camera for my site!

The fun was not over yet, though. Lex had to get back to the office but, after saying our good-byes, still naked, I shut the door, grabbed Steve by the hand and took him to the bedroom where I got on the bed on all fours, arched my ass way up in the air and asked him to bury his tongue in my sensitive asshole until I came again, very hard. Then I grabbed his big, rock-hard cock and gave him a blow-job that nearly made him pass out with pleasure before he squirted a huge load in my hungry second load of cum to swallow in less than 20 minutes! Catching our breath, Steve and I then went out for a lovely bite to eat to talk about our day. I could still smell and taste the leftover semen in my mouth as we chatted. What a day!

I can't wait to watch the entire MILF Magnet 3 movie with Steve now! Plus, I got 50 extra copies from Lexington Steele that I will soon autograph and make available to my fans.

Hugs! ~

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm # 1 at Anilos Mature Women!

One of the first "pro" shoots I did was for a site called Anilos Hardcore Mature Women...this was way back in the summer, well before Steve and I moved to L.A. I thought I was just only going to be doing a single shoot with a guy (known as a "Boy/Girl" shoot in L.A. "pro" lingo)...but when I arrived at the studio, I found out that they wanted to use me for 4 solo photo and video shoots, too!

Luckily there was a nice array of fun "toys" for me to choose from. I played with a pearl vibrator that got me hot and bothered to start, especially because it was a gorgeous day and I was outside masturbating. Nothing like the air and sunshine kissing your skin as you are all worked up to a hot orgasm. Next I choose the "blue rabbit". I have a similar toy at home and love the vibrations of the little "ears" on my clit. I came so hard that I squirted! Next, I wanted to go back outside for some fresh air and while there, I picked a glass dildo. I had never played with one before and was very curious! Once again, I worked myself to ANOTHER squirting orgasm! Sometimes orgasms make me want to take a nice nap, and other times they get me totally charged up. Well, on this day I was super-charged and for my final solo clip grabbed a trusted, favorite of mine, the Hitachi Magic wand...always a great release with the famous wand! I came super-hard again...4 super-intense orgasms in a row, and two of them "squirters"...boy do I love being in my sexual peak..I was still raring to go for more! Then I did my scene with my male partner (known as "male talent" in L.A. pro porn lingo) and we had a wild, highly charged romp on the sofa, where I came again. We had a great scene and I was reeling after 8 hours of sex and several orgasms. I came home and told Steve all about it which had him hard as a rock knowing I had so many orgasms in one day...I asked him to bend me over and take me right then and there, still clothed. With Steve's huge, hot load still dripping out of me, we decided to go out for a bite to eat as I was starving. After a lovely dinner and glass of wine, with hubby's cum leaking out of me the whole time, we went home and I slept like a baby that night!

I recently visited the Anilos Hardcore Mature Women site and found out that all 5 of my scenes are up and apparently they have a rating system which has me as the #1 MILF on the site! I'm sincerely honored to know that people are enjoying watching me as much as I enjoyed showing off! If you'd like a peek, just follow the link...

Warm, wet smooches~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pro Shoot Update: MILFs Like It Big!

I promised to let you all know when new scenes of mine pop up on other sites. Well, the fact is that they have been popping up faster than I can keep up with them, between all shooting I've been doing for pro studios and my own site!

This entry is about my first shoot for one of the Brazzers network of web sites called MILFs Like It Big . The name of the site is a perfect fit for me because, as we all know, I LOVE it "big"! ;)

Brazzers really does things in a BIG pun intended! I hopped a plane to Las Vegas and was picked up by a staff member and whisked off to the shoot location. There was a detailed script, a make-up artist, a pro photographer, a lighting overall big production in ever way...which made me very nervous when I showed up for my first scene with them! My debut for MILFs Like It Big was entitled "Brazzers Makeover". The premise (which I didn't know about ahead of time) was that I am playing a frumpy, lonely "Plain Jane" type of woman who is desperate for a date and in bad need of a make-over. At first I was really worried about having to memorize a script so quickly and "act" so much but I decided, what the heck, I'm just going to have fun with it...right down to wearing the "granny panties" they supplied me with...and it was a blast! The story goes on with me sending in a video of myself to the Brazzers Makeover Team, and I win the contest! Two makeover specialist show up at my door and the transformation begins. I go from frumpy to hottie with their help and am ready for my date with Long Stallion (played by Tommy Gun). I invite my date in and let's just say the clothes fly from there and the kitchen table sees the hottest action it's seen in a long time!

If you're curious about the scene, click here to check it out and be sure to let me know what you think! And be sure to let the folks at Brazzers know what you think, too, by rating the scene while you're there. If they know you like me, they'll invite me back for more!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Cover Girl has been moving at a fast pace since Steve and I decided to relocate to Los Angeles! In addition to Steve and I shooting a TON of great new stuff for my own site, I have also shot for several major pro sites and studios, including Penthouse, Playgirl TV and others. (That's right, you'll even be able to see me on adult cable networks soon!) It is always a thrill when one of my scenes comes out and I get to see the sexy adventure that I got to live out person from the viewer's perspective. Even more thrilling is the fact that lately I have been finding myself popping up on the covers of DVDs! Six covers in the past 2 months, in fact. Having been in my own little world as an amateur for going on 11 years, this kind of exposure and recognition comes as a huge and very pleasant surprise to me. It is incredibly flattering to find myself gracing full covers or sharing them with some of the sexy, beautiful women in the adult industry such as Lisa Ann, Tina Tyler & Brittany O'Connell to name a few. Here's a few I've found so far! When I have copies of these titles, I'll be offering them autographed for you!