Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anal Training Days

My ass seems to be a big "hit" lately...or, I should say, more than ever before! I have been doing some pro scenes while out in Los Angeles, and one of the first things you do at a pro shoot are what they call "Pretty Girl" photos. You start out all dressed up in your outfit and work out of it in different positions. Well, when I turn around to the rear, the guys always go ga-ga. They can't believe that I'm in my 40's and a mother! Once my male talent partners get there they also go crazy over my ass...and since I do a lot of "MILF" and "Cougar" scenes in my pro work, many of these guys are half my age...quite a compliment! One thing I hear over and over that is that it is "a mortal sin" that I don't do anal regularly! Add to that the fact that my hubby, Steve, has been into my ass since we met (and I love that!)...well, I'm making it one of my newest "personal development" projects to take my anal skills to the next phase...I am now officially in my Anal Training Days!

I have loved oral anal worship for years. Like taking big, hard cock deep inside my pussy, a good ass tonguing from a partner makes me weak in the knees. I love the feeling of a hot wet tongue first rimming my tightly puckered asshole, then taking my breath away as I feel it probing deep inside me. I cum so hard and intensely I feel as though I may squeeze the guys (or gals) tongue off! I have had full-on anal intercourse a couple of times before, but it was always totally unplanned and to my surprise, I went bonkers! But then, other times when I have tried to plan it, it never worked out. That would be because I was never really "serious" about it. Well, as one matures and grows in their sexuality, things change and now I find myself craving to have more anal sex experiences. I was incredibly turned on when my girlfriend Alexis Golden showed me a few shots of a DP she did while she was out here in L.A. She had 2 giant, black cocks in her at once and it was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I thought about the image below as I rode Steve's cock last night, which prompted me to ask him to wet his middle finger and insert it all the way in my asshole as I rode him hard and fast. I nearly passed out after I came as I fantasized about being DP'd in real life myself!

So, I decided now is the time to make my fantasy a reality and I've started my own anal training regimen, starting with small toys, fingers and eventually working up to a real cock. I am dying to take hubby Steve's veiny cock deep in my tight little asshole first, but his cock is a tad huge and super-hard for a "first anal" cock, so we'll see...maybe I'll just have to recruit a fan with a more standard-issue cock to help me out! I get incredibly turned on and wet thinking about a guy shooting an enormous load of cum in my asshole and feeling it gurgle out afterward. Then the ultimate will be to do a DP like my friend Alexis! The first clip in the series will be posted in the member's area of my site today, but if you want to see some serious anal action now, from a true connoisseur and master of the "anal arts", stop by and visit Alexis!