Friday, January 23, 2009

Lexington Steele, Up Close & Personal: The Follow-Up Report

Where to begin? My head is still reeling! I was still was floating after my first encounter with Lex Steele on a set on January 17th, and then here I was less than a week later, off with my husband to meet Lex in his very own home. Right after posting my blog entry about his phone call, I hopped into the shower. I took meticulous care in my putting on my make up and curling my hair into soft waves. Then, what to wear? I had just gotten a sexy red lace bra with cleavage galore and a matching red g-string that Steve picked out. I also chose to wear a sexy zipper front, form fitting top, jeans and brand new heels my hubby had also bought for me, but had not yet had the occasion to wear. I love getting all dressed up in the clothes he chooses for me to go out and meet guys in. Steve loves seeing me all dressed up and it makes me feel super sexy. Steve had a huge boner in his pants when he saw me. We both talked about how excited we were. Him to watch, and me to indulge in that monster cock again!

We were all ready to go and I was all wound up. I kept thinking, "I can't believe he even called me!" Steve and I head out and I call Lex to let him know we are on the way. I couldn't stop grinning and Steve was being so loving in the way he would softly touch my back, whisper how he couldn't wait to see me take that big black cock in person, and kiss me. We held hands the whole way over, arriving 20 minutes later. Lex answered the door, and in we go. He gave Steve a nice firm handshake as I introduced them and then I got a great big hug.

We settled in for some very brief small talk before the three of us just can't stand the sexual tension. Steve grabs the camera as Lex tries to show me how to shoot pool. I'm standing in front of him and as he wraps his arms around me from behind to show me how to use the cue, I feel his hard-on rub up against my ass as we bend over to break. Before I know it, the lesson is over we are out of our clothes and I'm bent over the pool table. A few minutes later he picks me up and we move to the couch. We find ourselves in all kinds of kinky positions. I turn around to straddle his massive cock in reverse-cowgirl and Lex can't hold back...within a minute he spurting his cum, first inside me and then pulling out and spurting more jizz up onto my pussy lips and belly. So hot! He is still super-hard and very horny and withing moments has his throbbing black member back inside of my sopping wet, sloppy pussy. He picks me up, his arms under my thighs, and literally bounces me up and down on his huge cock while standing. I LOVE that! After bending me into all kinds of angles and me cumming on his hard shaft I drop to my knees and wrap my tiny hands around his cock and stroke a massive load of his hot cum onto my face and mouth. Phew. Super hot and kinky! One orgasm for me and two for Lex so far...and we just began!

Steve was watching me with camera in hand, encouraging me as he does with a raging hard-on in his jeans. Unfortunately, we only had the regular room light and Steve tried to use a camera light attachment, so the footage is a super "guerilla" hand-held recording of serious animal-lust sex! We take a quick breather for a glass of wine, start chatting about his POV series and a still-horny Lex says, "Hand me the camera!". I'm back on my hands and knees crawling up to his huge cock and start worshiping it as Steve starts snapping a few photos and Lex watches me from his angle. I'm gushing about how big his cock is and he grabs a magnum-size wine bottle to compare it to! That really puts things into perspective! Lex is all turned on again and passes the video camera off to Steve and we head to HIS bedroom where he ravages me to my third intense orgasm of the evening while he dumps another load inside me.

Wow! I hope you enjoy the photos I've included...Wait until you see the "action" on DVD when it comes out on my site!

Steve and I headed home, hopped into bed where I climbed on top of his bulging cock and rode him while reliving the night's earlier events. I got a very nice creampie from Steve and drifted into a deep slumber. What a night!


P.S. 01/27/09: I posted an 11-minute video clip (the first of five) and 26 stills from the encounter on my web site today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lexington Steele Again...Up Close and Personal!

Well, I had planned to sit down tonight to post a new entry about my thoughts and feelings about meeting, fucking and shooting with the legendary Lexington Steele this past fact, Steve and I were out for a quick bite of lunch today and discussing what I wanted to say...when suddenly our site-business phone rang, right while we were talking about it...and guess who was calling? You guessed it, none other than Lex himself! Just acting as pleasant as can be, asking how I was and what I was up to. My heart jumped at the thought of him - the Lexington Steele, a famous star - calling me directly like that! Then he told me that he had just been watching the footage of the shoot we did together over the weekend, and that he thought it was "very hot"...and he asked what Steve & I were up to tonight and said that if we weren't busy, he'd like to get together at his house for some hot sex...and said that Steve could film it for our site and a DVD! Heart skips a beat! Was this really happening? I was still buzzing from fucking him this past Saturday! The fact is that I had an event planned, but made a few calls to politely bow out as I could notpass an opportunity like this!

So, Steve and I are headed over to Lexington Steele's house - his actual, personal HOME - in just a few hours, where he is going to fuck me senseless again! I'm so excited and turned on I can hardly contain myself!! Plus, we are taking our own camera to capture the event through Steve's eyes. Did I mention what a really NICE, down to earth guy Lex is? Now Steve gets to meet him too and watch him have his way with me...and me have my way with him, too!

I had to post a quick note here to let the whole world know how excited I am. I had Steve put his hands down my pants in the car to feel how wet I was just thinking about it! I have to go get myself in the shower. I can hardly believe this is happening! I'll be sure to post a new blog entry all about it soon!

Janet Mason

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fucked Senseless by Lexington Steele! A Fantasy Cum True...

On Saturday, January 17th, 2009 I experienced a life-changing event....after fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck Lexington Steele since the early 1990's, before Steve and I ever actually got into the hotwife lifestyle and were just watching interracial videos, I finally not only met the man in person...but we actually fucked each other like animals for an entire afternoon, with hubby Steve'e blessings. Right on camera, too, for his "Lexington Steele: MILF Magnet" DVD I'll soon have a document of the momentous occasion to share with hubby Steve forever!

So...was the sex with Lex and his legendary huge cock as good as it was in my wildest masturbation fantasies? Actually, was BETTER! And I mean that 100%. It was so intense, in fact, that I am still buzzing from it 4 days later!

I am going to sit down tonight and share the ENTIRE experience with you tonight, but for now I just wanted to show you this photo of Lex and I taken with my iPhone just before the's like "proof" that I wasn't dreaming! Check back for more late tonight! Meanwhile, a public thank-you to my husband of almost 20 years, Steve, for contacting my agent and telling her that Lex was my "ultimate fantasy" and that a shoot with him would be a dream come true!

Janet Mason

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Internal creampie shoot with a young/hung stud!

Hi guys & gals! Wow, it seems like the pro work I did months ago is now being released at a rapid pace! One of my favorite scenes ever was for MILF Internal, in which the very cute, muscular and very well-hung young stud Mikey Butders fucks the living daylights out of me, pounding me hard in all kinds of nasty positions and making me cum at least 3 times before emptying his MASSIVE 20-something balls deep inside my tight, married, 4-something pussy. Mikey filled me with what looks like a quart of his virile young sperm, which literally starts squirting out of me! THIS is why I'm into younger men...this young stud fucked me senseless! Check it out three sample clips here!

P.S...Guess who I am fucking today? Legendary, massive-dick black stud Lexington Steele, for his MILF Magnet series! :)

Until next time...see you online!

Janet Mason

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Pro Scene Release: Blacks On Cougars!

Hi guys & gals, I just found out that my first scene for the brand-new site Blacks On Cougars has just been released! I take on two super-hung young black studs, sucking and fucking their huge balls dry...and these guys shoot a LOT of virile young black seed, coating me in it and filling my mouth full of it. (Yes, I swallow every drop, too!) Check it out sample pics and clips here!

Janet Mason

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Pro Scene Release: Cougars In Heat!

Happy New Year, everyone! I am finally back from vacation and am busy updating my site as well as shooting new amateur content for it, but I wanted to let you know that Cougars In Heat just released my very first scene that I shot for them! In this scene, young muscular stud Mikey Butders (who has a MASSIVE set of cum-filled balls...yummy!) makes a bet with me that if he can do 100 pushups with me sitting on his back that I have to show him my nice, big, mature tits. Never did I think that he would be able to do them all...but the motivation to see my tits was so strong for Mikey that somehow he was able to summon a super-human inner strength that he never knew he had. I am so impressed that I decide to also suck his big, hard young cock and let him bend me over and fuck my tight, wet, mature pussy from behind! This is another must-see for those of you who enjoy seeing me in action with young white guys and/or other women. Check it out here!

See you online with fresh new amateur and pro stuff soon!

Janet Mason