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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro Scene Release: Occupation - Sex Teacher!

I promised to tell you all about my more memorable experiences doing pro adult video work on the side, so here is the next installment. On 10/13/08 my first scene for Naughty America went up on their "My First Sex Teacher" easy and natural "fit" for me as a self-proclaimed cougar....and I got to shoot with a great-looking, fit, nicely hung young white guy in his early 20's named Chris. Chris and I met prior to the shoot, and I flirted a bit and asked if he was really, truly into older women. "Oh Yeah!" was the immediate reply. I knew then and there that it was going to a great shoot...and it was!

The premise of the scene is that I am a university professor & Chris is one of my brightest students. He stops by during my office hours to give me some bad news...he's leaving the university to go home and help with his family's business, and will transfer to a local community college there. Needless to say, I am crushed...not only because he is such a good student, but also because I had not yet had the chance to fuck him! So...I try to convince him to stay in some very unconventional and not-so-professional ways. ;)

While I cannot post the scene on my own site (Naughty America owns it, not me), I do urge those of you who may be curious about my new part-time pro adult work to check it out at the My First Sex Teacher site. Chris and I had great chemistry and he plastered me with a huge load of hot, virile young that's my kind of "Fountain of Youth!" I also encourage you to please join the Naughty America Forum and post your feedback on my scene there.

Naughty America is such a good company to work for that I jumped at the opportunity to shoot for them again, and I actually have two more scenes booked with them next week while Steve and I are back out in L.A. again. I can't wait to see what kind of scenes they'll have me in next...and I'll be sure to fill you in!