Sunday, May 4, 2008

Naked & Natural...My First Nude Beach Photo Shoot

Back in late March, Steve and I loaded up the SUV and headed South to Florida for some fun in the sun. Also, I had been in contact with Girlfriends Films and they were going to be shooting in Ft. Lauderdale and asked if I would be interested in doing some girl/girl scenes for them while we were there. I enjoy this boutique company so much that I jumped at the chance!

Around the same time I had just launched modeling profiles on Model Mayhem, Model Brigade and One Model Place. I'm trying to branch out a bit on my exhibitionist side by posing and performing for other people (starting with Girlfriends Films ), and Steve and I tossed around the idea of seeing if other photographers might be interested in shooting with me. The response was overwhelming! I had SO many pro and amateur photographers contact me about my week-long stay in Florida that I had to learn really fast how to say, "Sorry, I'm booked!" Wow...poof! Just like that, I started a new part-time career as an art/figure and glamour nude model. I love it!

Anyway, back to Miami. There were a handful of photographers I really wanted to connect with while there. I did a Harley Davidson shoot for a biker magazine (another blog entry, another time), a glamour shoot, a foot/leg fetish shoot and a beach shoot. Not "just a beach shoot", but Haulover Beach in Miami - NAKED - on the beach shoot. It was a gorgeous day and we all know how I love outdoor nudity. Hello Haulover! I think I've found a little piece of heaven. I started out in a couple of micro bikini's that I got from a FABULOUS online shop called Malibu Strings. More because the photographer was a little "worried" about me...I was more worried about him! We started off getting to know each other and playing around with poses...breaking the ice a bit, as I have never shot with anyone but my hubby Steve before.

I was immediately comfortable. There were a ton of men running around naked as jaybirds on the beach (surprisingly, not too many women), but that just drew more attention to me which, as an exhibitionist, I LOVE. I was more than happy to put on a show for the guys! I felt like I was doing a swimsuit shoot for a magazine or something the way people started gathering around! Once the "ice was broken" with the photographer, the clothes were OFF! How hedonistic...sun, sand, surf, totally free and in my element. I rubbed oil into my skin to make it glow, rolled around in the surf, and the sand stuck to me in all of the right spots. It was so liberating, especially with Steve getting to sit back and watch me for a change rather than being behind the camera.

I even had people stop by to pose with me and have their pictures taken. While Steve enjoyed watching, he also had to deal with endless questions from people passing by and he started to fee like a PR was all SO much fun though. The end result was an invigorating, sensual day at the beach, teasing all kinds of passing cocks and some awesome photos that I will be sure to post to the member's area in the future. I can't wait to get to a nude beach again...with, or without a photographer in tow...I had never been to one before, but felt completely "at home" there. Besides, we all know how I hate tan lines!