Wednesday, April 2, 2008

While Hubby is Away, Here's How I Play...

Steve and I have been doing a lot of traveling and I have a TON to catch up with you! We have been so busy that I have been feeling overwhelmed about getting behind on posting to my blog. So, after talking with Steve about my feelings he said, "Why don't you just start with what's gong on currently, baby, and then go back from there?" Leave it to my hubby to help me alleviate my anxiousness.

Well, I think he was really excited when he came home this evening and I "showed" him what I had been up to the past few days. Could have been part of my nervousness! (wink) Steve had to go out of town on business the day after we got back from our recent "fun" trip to Florida. I had a few days of kicking around the house...then I got up this morning and got set up for my weekly cam show for my site members. With all of our traveling I hadn't had time to grocery shop and had run out of coffee...and I really need my coffee in the morning! So, I'm all dressed up for my show and have just enough time to run to the local Starbucks to get a cup. Just as I walked in the door, lo and behold I run into "Reggie". Reggie is a super hot-looking 23 year old black stud that I have "milked" a couple of times before on camera for my site. He loves older women and he also loves handjobs...and I pride myself on giving one of the best handjobs around. Plus, of course, it's a well-known fact that I have a serious thing for young cock . :) We traded the usual small talk, he asked about Steve, how we are doing, etc....but as cougars and young, red-blooded males will...the small talk soon turned to sex.

Mind you, Steve and I have been married for going on 20 years and have been in the "lifestyle" for 15 years. He has always given me permission to indulge my fleshly desires while he is away, as long as I promised to tell him about it later or, if possible film it and show him...but I've never strayed. Not even once! But today I was feeling a little feisty with all the caffeine and sex talk and the lack of hard cocks and hot cum for a few days...and Reggie has been hitting the gym pretty hard lately and looking amazing. What's a girl to do? I had the biggest butterflies ever as I nervously asked Reggie if he wanted to come over for some play time after my cam show...without Steve home. He happened to have the day off from work, so it was perfect timing. We decided on 1 PM and I headed home to do my weekly cam show.

I actually mentioned on my cam show today that I was meeting him at one o'clock...but didn't give the exact details of the circumstances under which we were getting together. Just in case something came up...I was soooo turned on during my show thinking about my very first encounter without my husband being right there...doing it first and telling him all about it later. I came really hard on my vibrator during my show from all the taboo excitement building in my body...I really creamed myself! If you saw this morning's show then you know what I'm talking about! Little did those of you who were watching me then know as to why!

I decided to keep on my sexy outfit from the morning show as I got a lot of compliments on it. I then set up the camera and tripod to film my first little escapade to show Steve later. I looked into the camera and told l him what I was about to do and how incredibly nervous I was, yet at the same time so incredibly turned on...actually soaking wet through my fishnets thinking about Reggie's big, thick, young black cock and remembering from our prior meeting just how much hot sticky cum he shoots. (Don't they all at that age?)

Reggie was right on time...just as most eager young studs are when they get the chance to have an experienced, mature woman drain their balls dry. He didn't mind being filmed - heck, he was even on one of my live cam shows last year - but he just doesn't want his face shown. I totally understand that, and I'm not focusing on his face anyway! I go right to work on his young, thick black member. Tugging his heavy balls and teasing the long, thick shaft with my long, red, perfectly-manicured nails. I flush with the heat of my lust, so I take off my top and he starts playing with my DD tits. I then told him how I love to take photos of big, beautiful cocks to look at and masturbate to later and asked if he minded if I snap a few photos. I even took a "self portrait" with his huge, oil-slick young black cock right in my mature, married white face. Then I coaxed a huge load out of his monster cock, right onto my wedding ring. I find taking other men's sperm on my ring a perfect symbol of the freedom my husband allows me to indulge in my kinkiest fantasies, and what better way to celebrate my first play session without Steve presnt? Reggie, as always, shot a mother of a load and he really buried my ring. It was such a liberating experience!

So, Steve got home around 4 pm and I greeted him at the door as I always do. He instantly could tell something was "up". He asked how my cam show went as he didn't get a chance to log on and watch. I said it was fine, but there was something else I had to tell him about. He said he could smell how aroused I was and it must be something huge. I handed him a glass of wine and the Mini DV cassette of my handjob session with Reggie (with a little ribbon wrapped around it) and told him to watch it. With a huge smirk on his face, he popped it into the camera and hooked it up to the computer. I was literally holding my breath as I awaited his soon he sprouted a massive hard on! So, needless to say, I had to milk him, too, as I told him how much I loved playing all by myself! He loved hearing me be so open and honest so much he soon spurted a huge load for me. Hmmm, this could be the start of some hot new adventures!

Just so you don't feel left out, Steve captured the footage and we posted it to my Handjobs clips store at, and I will soon post it in the members area of my site. It's a classic!