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So true...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Richard Mann is Coming! (and so am I!!)

I'm so excited! Today is a big day...a really big "11 inches of big black cock flying in for a whole weekend with me" kind of day! I have been pinging off the walls in anticipation. Steve and I had such a great time with Richard while in Las Vegas for AVN that we made plans to get together again as soon as we could. I can hardly believe today is the day!

Every woman should be as lucky to have a hubby like mine to spoil her with Big Black Cock for an entire weekend. How indulgent and luxurious to have my kinky little heart's desire at my fingertips and pussy lips for 3 entire days. I've been checking his flight online every 15 minutes to make sure he'll be in on time. I fell like a giddy school girl getting ready for the dance with butterflies of excitement...except that my dance will be hot, sweaty, down -n-dirty kind! :-)