Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts of a Masturbatrix...

As any fan of mine knows, one of my favorite kinks is and always has been to jack men off. Giving a guy a slow, torturous hand-job makes me feel so sexy and powerful in a totally feminine way. I love teasing a guy's hard cock right through his pants, rubbing his thighs until I see the tell-tale bulge. Then I get him stripped down to his underwear so I can see the outline of his straining cock, dragging my long, manicured fingernails up and down his shaft...eventually setting it free and going to town! I play with men's cum-bloated, aching balls...gently pulling them down, giving them a nice squeeze and cupping them in my palms. I work slowly up and down the shaft, from the base to just under the ridge of the head, with soft, feather-light strokes with my soft little hands. I love to tease the "V" shaped spot of the cockhead with a fingernail and watch the little slit at the tip flare open wide, usually oozing pre-cum by that point. I start squeezing a bit harder and pumping a little faster, with a little subtle "wrist action" that is always guaranteed to get any man moaning with pleasure...and, very soon, spurting a huge, beautiful gooey load of hot cum for me.

Yesterday was a perfect example...so perfect that I had to post it as an update in the members area of my site today. I had a first-time meeting with a young, fit and fairly well-hung black guy in his early 20's named Rod. He is seriously into older women and as you all know, I am a cougar at heart and love playing with young guys. I always take new recruit for a "test drive" of sorts and, if he proves to be a good prospect (meaning if he is endowed enough, shoots enough cum and is willing to let me take control when I want to) then I indulge him one "lesson" at a time...so yesterday was Rod's first "lesson".

So...what does milking cock do for me? Well, it is a very unique experience that is both very feminine yet very dominant at the same time. I have been fascinated with cocks, balls and cum for as long as I can remember, even in my youth. I enjoy the erotic feminine power of stimulating a man to a full erection with my petite, soft hands, feeling his erection grow and swell with each stroke. Seeing the head of his cock pulse and strain to the point of the slit opening and hearing the clicking sound of the pre-cum he's making makes my heart flutter and my pussy wet! Indulging a man to the point where he can completely let go, giving me the control to bring him off. Stroking his shaft with one hand and playing with his balls with the other is another turn-on for me. I love hefting heavy, cum-filled balls, to feel them tighten up before releasing a big nasty load. Then watching as the jizz spurts out of his cock when he cannot take it any longer.

One of my favorite hand-job-related kinks is to milk a guy's load right onto my wedding ring - the symbol of my unity with the man I love. Watching a total stranger's semen spurting onto my wedding ring - especially with my husband watching - is wild, taboo and emblematic of the trust between us and the gift of freedom he gives me to explore my wildest sexual fantasies which include milking the cum-filled balls of much-younger men with my mature, knowing hands...all with zero commitment. Just a hot, kinky casual sex experience with a total stranger, no strings attached. I then indulge myself further by playing with my liquid reward, smearing his hot, virile sperm it into my hands or rubbing it into my breasts and skin, the thick male seed soaking in and drying on me as the musky male scent fills my nostrils and makes me swoon with female desire. A tell-tale sign of just how turned on I am is how "blotchy" my chest gets, but the fact is that I sometimes ultimately enjoy being the one in control, knowing that I can pleasure a fine specimen of maleness while still indulging my own lusty senses. And there's nothing like a long, slow tortuous hand-job to do that!