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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lust in Las Vegas, Days 6-8

Steve and I were having so much fun in Vegas this trip that we decided to extend our stay for two extra days. We found out there was a "Girls Of The Internet" (G.O.T.I.) Party on Sunday night and that was one reason...our good friends Ty and Alexis had asked us to stay a bit longer to hang out with them, and that was another big reason...and last but certainly not least, another reason was a guy named DeShaun. DeShaun is a hot, super-fit, well-hung young black guy that I have been in contact with for a little over 4 years now, trying to connect. It just so happened that on Wednesday afternoon, I was walking out of the AVN convention floor and heard some guy in the hallway call my name. I turned around, it was DeShaun! I didn't even know he was going to be in town! Nor did he know that I was going to be there for AVN, either. He asked Steve and I if we wanted to finally get together and do a twist my arm...sure, we'll stay a bit longer! A few phone calls later, instead of leaving Monday morning we extended to Wednesday morning. DeShaun had a pretty crazy schedule as well and I told him "I want you fresh and full of cum!" So we decided to get together first thing Monday morning...

Back to Sunday. As most of you know, I'm not a night owl, so after the big day at AVN and an even bigger night exploring Deauxma's heavenly body I was a bit pooped an in need of a break. Not to mention a few minutes to update the site and write in my blog! We had committed to going to the G.O.T.I. party that night. Steve and I also tossed the idea around of doing a hand-job shoot, with me jacking his big dick off as I teased him about all the big black cock (and sweet white pussy) I'd been getting almost daily that week. Well, he was busy reviewing the Richard Mann footage we'd shot earlier and I came out of the bathroom and stood watching over his shoulder. I couldn't help myself and gasped out loud, "Oh my God that looks hot!". I had on a little jog outfit and pulled down my pants so Steve could feel how instantly wet I got. Well, he didn't stop there...he let the tape run as I stood watching it and he used his skilled hand to rub me off to an incredible orgasm as I relived the moment. Steve was so hot and bothered from getting me off on his hand that he had a major hard-on popping through his pants. He just looked up at me from his desk chair and said, "Now I've gotta fuck you!" as he pulled his pants off and easily entered me standing up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he held me by my ass and started pumping furiously into me. I love to fuck standing up! Soon he shot his load up into me and I came as he unloaded into my pussy. We were both shaking and sweaty from our orgasms. He pulled out and sat back in his desk chair, panting, and I looked down between my legs to see an enormous load of hot cum start oozing out and plopping down onto the tile floor with an audible splash. Man, if we hadn't been using the camera to review the Richard Mann shoot, we'd have had an awesome hubby/wife creampie clip to show you! What a load! So much for the hand-job shoot...but what a way to start the day!

After that, I spent a ton of time getting ready for the party. I chose a sexy black cocktail dress for the evening. Steve looked hot in his black shirt and slacks and black/silver tie. Something about a man in black...or a man who IS black! Anyway, we went out for dinner with Ty and Alexis Golden at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurant. We always have a great time when we get together with these two and tonight was no exception! Alexis was all dolled up and in a tight black corset. We dined on some great food and talked about all we had done and what we planned to make of the last couple of days. Then off to the "Girls of the Internet" party. We had heard it was usually a fun party with loads of fans and other "web girls" to meet. We got to the club and it was blah...definitely not a lot going on. Deauxma and her hubby were there along with a couple of other ladies I had met the day before at Girlfriends Films, but jeez...We decided to make the most of it and have a drink and mingle with who was there. Within minutes I ran into a young, longtime fan named Robert. He was surprised at how dead the party was as well and since he didn't have any other plans, I invited him back to the room. Might as well have some fun since I was all dressed up! Robert is a MUCH younger (22 to my 40) and very handsome guy in awesome shape...he was a bit nervous to show his face on camera, which I totally respect, so since I was still in the mood to milk some cock from earlier in the day, we decided his cock needed draining by an expert older woman. It ended up in a big, creamy load of hot young cum all over my big mature tits. Yeah! So glad you came to the party Robert! See, you guys should show up at these fan-based never know when you are going to get lucky!

Well, it is very late in the evening and I know I'm meeting DeShaun in the morning, so off for some beauty sleep. I slept great and woke up refreshed at 7:00 am. I went into preparation to get totally soft and pretty for our 10:00 am rendezvous. DeShaun was right on time and I opened the door in a blue silk blouse, short black skirt with a sexy new purple lace bra and panty set underneath. We had a little small talk to break the ice, but I just couldn't wait to get my hands on him. I really love kissing and DeShaun is an incredible smoocher. We made out like teenagers. We took our time exploring each others bodies and finding the hot spots building up to some hot positions and a cream pie finish. Wait until you see all that hot male cream dripping out of me. He shot it very, very deep inside me, so I had to actually stand up and push it out hard in order to see it and show it off for the camera! Wow, what a great bed buddy DeShaun is...Steve and I definitely plan on getting together with him again, and again, and again...

I'm starving now (hot sex for breakfast tends to really get my appetite going) so we call Ty and Alexis Golden to find out if they have had lunch yet. They hadn't, so we decided to head over to the Wynn for a bite together. Alexis and I are all girl-talk...not just your normal gossipy girl stuff, but hot sex story-swapping. Got to love a girlfriend like that! We got onto the subject of toys. I brought up how I was a bit bored with my collection of vibrators and after lunch we all hopped in the car and headed off to a huge, well-stocked adult novelty shop. I was like a kid in the candy store! Black, white, neon...dildos, vibrators, anal kits...a "lube" section three aisles long...Oh, is a woman to decide? I finally settled on 6 new toys - a purple double-ended dildo, a blue-knobbed multispeed vibrator, a big white cock vibrator, a pink jelly anal dildo, a big neon green, orange and white vibrating cock and this futuristic red dual "G-spot and anal" combo that Steve picked out. Thought that might be a nice start! Can't wait until they search my luggage on the way home! (Wink..) Then Alexis and I started trying on some sexy clothes and modeling for the guys. Didn't find anything really "me", but had a fun time looking (as did some of the guys that happened to be shopping in the store!)

The week was really catching up with me. We ate dinner in the room that night and turned in early by Vegas standards. Lightweight, I know! Steve and I ended up sleeping in late the next day, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. It was defintley good "couples time" and we needed it to reconnect. We packed for our early morning flight, ran to the UPS store to ship some things ahead of us had a light dinner at a Thai restaurant. Alexis and Ty came over and we just hung out talking as friends do, having great times! The week flew by and we have loads (literally and figuratively) to share with you. Hope you have enjoyed the updates here on my blog along the way.

Steve and I are now safe and sound at home, trying to readjust to the time change, unpack, and catch up on everything. Wow what a great trip...back to Mommy time!

Squeezes N Smooches~


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lust in Las Vegas, Days 4-5

Friday was a big day...and I mean big! As in "almost 11 inches of thick black meat" big. I slept in a little late in anticipation of having a ton of energy to take on Richard Mann's huge, monstrous cock balls-deep all by myself after having shared him the day before with Alexis Golden. I spent a lot of time getting myself dressed and looking great. I had a brand new red bustier bra with black lace trim and matching red lace thong and sexy platform black patent leather peep-toes on. There is just something kinky about getting all soft and dressed up with hair, make up, lotion, perfume and jewelry to look my best...and then getting down & dirty, hot & sweaty with my make-up smeared and my hair mussed from being fucked senseless by some well-hung stud while my husband captures every minute on film for posterity!

Within minutes of Richard arriving I went into full "cock worship" mode as he unzipped his pants and his fully-sprung pole bobbed up and down, right in my face. It was an incredible and super-intense encounter that had me climaxing many, many times from his expert tongue, thick pussy-stretching cock and an occasional finger in my tightly-puckered asshole! Richard loved how flexible I am and he really got off on bending me into jaw-dropping positions like a Gumby doll. My legs were quivering afterward! Our afternoon fuck session was so hot that I had to post the first few moments as an update in the members area for you all to see!

After getting fucked senseless by Richard I had to get myself all dolled up in just 15 minutes as I had a private foot worship session scheduled with a longtime fan and site member. When he arrived, I told him how I had just had a prior meeting with another guy and had to hurry to get myself put together. He asked if I had been with a black guy and I told him I had. That got him incredibly turned on. I put on a sexy pair of vintage stockings for him and he worshiped my sexy feet and jacked off while I told him all the juicy details of my fuck session with Richard just moments before his arrival. In no time he blew a load of hot cum all over my stocking-covered feet. I sent the stockings with him as a souvenir!

After a short break I was then supposed to meet my first-ever black woman, but her schedule ended up changing and we are trying for another date in the future. Just not meant to be yet. She is a hottie though! So Steve and I popped into a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat and a glass of wine and to reminisce about the huge black cock I fucked at lunchtime and how Richard filled me chock-full of his virile black seed. That lead to a quick "Check, please!" and back to our room, where clothes went flying as Steve started pumping me with his rock-hard pole, emptying his pent-up balls into me and reclaiming me as his wife. Wow! Two creampies from two men in one day, plus another load on my feet from a white fan who loved hearing about me fucking Richard. Ahh, what a day. It was hot steamy dreams that night...

Saturday morning we had to get up super early as I was due at the Girlfriends Films booth to sign and meet fans. I chose to wear my "little black dress", clingy, tons of cleavage, but tasteful, my favorite silver jewelry with turquoise and patent leather peep toe. I was really excited and feeling super sexy. When we got to the booth we met a gentleman named Robert. He is part of the Girlfriends Films family and told me about some sexy corsets a guy was selling at another booth. He showed me a few photos of Deauxma in the corsets and WOWEE! He thought I would look great in one as well and asked if I would like to meet the Jim from Timeless Trends. Was that a question? So he escorted Steve and I to the booth and introduced us. Jim took a quick waist measurement and fitted me with a simple black corset for sizing. He took my 24 inch waist to a 22 inch! He said that if I wanted to wear one of his corsets for the day to see how I like them I was welcome to pick one out. We found a stunning black and turquoise one in my size and Jim laced me in. You would think you wouldn't be able to breath, but it actually holds everything in and supports your back and is incredibly comfortable...not to mention sexy as hell! I was feeling good to start, but that corset made me feel glamorous beyond belief. At 9:30 am the fans started flowing in. I had such a blast meeting guys and gals, posing for photos, getting interviewed and signing my photos for people! I was only supposed to stay at the booth until noon, but stayed an extra 3+ hours! Just after noon Deauxma arrived at the booth to sign as well, she also had on her corset. We had a ton of photos taken with fans between us. Alexis then arrived at the expo and we just had to take her over to Jim to work his corset magic. She choose a sexy pink to go with her black dress and looked stunning. The corsets were such a hit and caused such a commotion we all went home with them as gifts! Thank You! Steve and I like them so much I am going to start a collection of them.

I finally had to get going as Deauxma and I were scheduled to get together that evening for our first girl-girl meeting. I needed to get off my aching tootsies and grab a bite to eat. Then I soaked in a luxurious hot tub and took my time getting ready. They were delayed a bit because of the expo, but when they finally got to our room, things heated up quickly. We spent a little time in the bathroom fluffing and deciding what to wear with a very nervous sexual tension hanging in the air. I was revived with a new energy and sparks were flying when the camera started rolling and we lost ourselves in exploring each other. Deauxma is "all woman" and we kissed and touched and reveled in our feminine sexuality. Just WAIT until you see! It was a late night and Steve even had to grab an extra tape...

Wow, Vegas has been my kind of town this week...and we still haven't spent a dime gambling!