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Friday, August 28, 2015

New Members Area Update!

It took Steve and I awhile but we've finally started shooting new content exclusively for my site again...yay! Today's update is a video clip that features me having some "quality girl time" with the sexy Latina MILF Tara Holiday who, like me, is now also retired from pro porn (although, unlike me, she does not have her own site). Today's clip is Part 1 of a 3-part series and is presented in full 1080p HD. Catch it exclusively in the members area of in just about an hour or so today!

Until next time!




Ben said...

Awesome update, Janet! Glad to see that you and Steve are "back". Your own site content was always much better than the so-called "pro" stuff. and Steve shoots exactly the way that most husbands and wives want to see porn shot. Plus he captures you better than those pro guys. Can't wait for more updates especially with young guys and hung black guys!

Anonymous said...

I second that Ben!

Phil and Becky said...

Damn, this reminded us of how much we love it when Steve shoots you. Most of your pro work "lost" Becky and a lot of it lost me, too, but we both have been fans of the old-school "Steve & Janet" stuff since the late 90's. We're glad to see you back in your amateur element (aka reality vs. the fake pro "product") and we can't wait to see more of you with true amateur guys.

Happy Cuck said...

Just stumbled onto your blog although been a fan of your work for a while now, so has the wife to a point although porn only gets her worked up never quite the same as the real thing for her
Defiantly following the blog and good luck on life after pro :)
One question though if you don't mind humoring me, ever gave any thought into doing a duet with Wifey(Sandra Otterson)? I can't speak for everyone but i know i would do back flips if that became reality

C, cuckold half of the couple