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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Travel Plans for 2015!

Hi guys and gals!

Here's my updated travel plans for 2015 through June.  If Steve and I add cities or are forced to change plans, I will announce the changes right away here on my blog as well as on the Travels page of my site, via my newsletter/mailing list and via my Twitter account.
  • Houston, TX: March 3-4 (George Bush Int'l Airport area)
  • Dallas, TX: March 4-5 (Downtown)
  • Chicago, IL: April 9-11 (Downtown/Magnificent Mile area)
  • NYC, NY: May 18-23 (Midtown Manhattan)
  • Denver, CO: June 10-11 (Downtown)
Details as to what we are offering at each city can be found on the Travels page of my site. Please check that page for details BEFORE emailing me with questions about what I am offering. If the city you are looking for isn't listed here, that's because we have no plans for it at the moment.

See you online!




Vincent Wolff said...

safe travels to you both!

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