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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Busy, busy busy!

I know, I's been a little over 5 months since my last blog entry! That's the longest I've ever gone, by far. But I've been so busy having so much fun - much of it non-adult and non-work related, though some was for work - that the blog simply slipped off my radar. I'm back now, though - and promise never to let another 5 months go by like that!

So, what have I been up to? Essentially, Steve and I have really been taking advantage of our status as "empty nester" parents by keeping very busy the past year doing all kinds of things we enjoy more than we ever could when the kids were home. We've gone to TONS of concerts (an average of 2 or 3 per month, every month...all kinds of music, and everyone from local and regional artists to nationally and internationally famous ones), going to see many of the first-class kind of shows that Las Vegas is famous for, and traveling...L.A for pro shoots and nightlife...Miami & Fort Lauderdale for some beach time and to shoot with fans....Charlotte to visit friends....Salt Lake City for vacation and hiking...including a day trip to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats for a glamour modeling shoot (see Steve's iPhone photo above for a sample of that), NYC for Broadway plays, dinners out and sightseeing, Chicago for vacation and to visit family, Colorado for vacation (we visited Colorado Springs, Denver, Vail, Boulder and Fort Collins) and then DC & Baltimore (Go Orioles!) to see friends and eat tons of the great local seafood there (Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, steamed with Old Bay Seasoning, anyone?). That's a lot of travel...and we loved it!

On top of that, Steve and I have both been working out HARD in the gym 6 days a week whenever our schedules allow. (No, we're not training for any kind of race or competition, we're just staying fit.) So, as you can see..when I say I've been crazy-busy the past 6 months it's far from an exaggeration! But I'm officially "back" and promise to make my blog a higher priority since I have been literally bombarded with emails from fans asking for updates.

Until next time, then! 




Rick said...

Janet look forward to seeing more pro shoots with you. Any plans for a gang bang. Would you love to see your milf body with a few young studs

John Harrell said...

Nice update, Janet (and Steve)!! Its great to hear you guys are so active and having fun. That modeling shoot BTS pic is great! Can't believe Steve nailed that with a phone! Can't wait to see the real shoot pics on your modeling port. Thanks for the update and looking forward to the next one! BTW your new site update is really hot.

PeteyMan said...

Steve's one blessed man! I wish I was married to A Pornstar of your caliber someday. I hope you see and enjoy every inch of this World, everyday, if you could, ya know? All of it deserves to witness A Beautiful & Sexy Trophy Wife such as yourself, every step of the way!

Keep Living La Vida Loca, Later!

Vincent Wolff said...

glad to hear from you, and that you've kept busy

Dave said...


Glad to have you back.

I was just re-watching your video shoot with Mandingo....WOW!
When his Big Black Cock popped out of his pants your mouth was on like you were starving!!

Watching you fucking and sucking those Big Black Cocks actually boosts my sex drive. At 56 years of age I find my sex drive dipping somewhat....but when I watch your videos I'm fully charged up!


Anonymous said...

To echo Rick's thought, maybe the next Brotherload with Lex.

Anonymous said...

Janet is one sexy azz milf...would love to see another multi creampie with bbc