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Friday, October 11, 2013

Casting Call for Fan Shoots in Las Vegas

Steve and I have just announced new opportunities for fan shoots in Las Vegas! Shoots will start on November 15, 2013 and we will continue to offer regular shoot opportunities in Las Vegas through 2014. We are seeking guys for the following types of shoots:
  • Facials/Blowjobs. (No male model faces shown. Current STD test required.) 
  • Handjobs. (No male model faces shown. No STD testing necessary.) 
  • Footjobs. (No male model faces shown. No STD testing necessary.) 
  • Tit-Fucking. (No male model faces shown. No STD testing necessary.)
  • Ass Worship/Facesitting/Queening Stool. (Male model faces must be shown. No STD testing necessary.)
  • Foot Worship. (Male model faces must be shown. No STD testing necessary.) 
To be considered, you must:
  • Be in Las Vegas on or after November 15th.
  • Be reasonably attractive, height/weight proportionate and clean-cut in apperance.
  • Be of at LEAST average endowment.  
If you are interested, please click here for general information on the application process. After you have applied at the link provided there, we will get back to you ASAP.

Note that this opportunity is for on-camera play only and only in Las Vegas.



Robt said...

Janet: It is wonderful to see you back. Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation. Missed you Lady! Love watching you perform on a bed. Those beautiful breasts deserve to be kissed tenderly, and those fantastic nipples need to be sucked on. And there is nothing more exciting than watching you being eaten out and fucked. Hope to see you back in the sack with BBC soon.

Anonymous said...

We missed you Janet! There are women, and then their are women, but there is only one Janet Mason. And it is such a thrill to watch as you are being fucked. You have the finest body to give and I have always enjoyed the way you like to kiss and be played with. It is such a sight to see you being eaten out, and do I ever love those tits of yours. I can remember when you first came on the web. And I must say Janet you look just as good, if not better than you did back then. You are one beautiful women. We love you Janet Thanks for letting us all see you being fucked. I hope we can see many more years of you fucked different men. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Janet: Like to see you take on D W Knight again! Cause that is one thick Big Black Cock and you look great taking it.

Yours Truly said...

Janet: I must say that is one hell of a gift to give! I have watched men fuck you for over 13 years, and you never have any problem getting one of them to fuck you again and again. I sincerely mean this Janet.... You look younger and more beautiful today than you did 13 years ago. And you are exciting to watch and addictive. You look gorgeous as a brunette and it matches your patch around that super sexy pussy of yours. XOXO

Richard said...

Just the thought of this makes my muscles pump. xox Richard

Sean T said...

Woo-hoo! Yes! I moved to Vegas a few months ago so this is the best news ever. I am applying NOW. Thanks, Steve & Janet!