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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation Time!

Steve and I are taking a long, much-needed vacation through September 22.  We're both fine (we're doing great, in fact!)...we simply had the time and resources to take some serious time off before our schedules pick up again in the fall, so we seized the opportunity. :-)

The members area of my site will be updated tomorrow, August 4, and will continue to be updated roughly every 7-10 days until we return...but other than that, my online activity (email, Twitter, Facebook fan page, etc.) will be very limited until September 28t. It also means there will be no shooting of new scenes (either for my site or any pro work) and no new photo shoots while we're gone. In other words, it's going to be a true vacation - quality time and R&R as a couple - not a working vacation. Any sexual fun we have will be strictly off-camera play as a husband and wife (and occasionally with very select, very fit young single males and single ladies we meet via our membership at SDC) and will not be shared online in any capacity.

Once we return, we plan to start offering fan shoots in the cities we visit throughout the year, for the first time ever. (We have always shot for my site with regular fans, but we never shot while traveling before; fans  have always had to travel to us.) More information on this new opportunity will be posted here on my blog and on my site somewhere in mid-to-late September. Please do NOT email us asking for more info now because, well...we're on vacation and will not respond.

See you all online soon!




Anonymous said...

Have a great time. Enjoy time with yourself and your family. Hope you go somewhere nice and somewhere where someone other than Steve is waiting on your every wish. He needs a break from the honeydoos I'm sure. LOL!!!

We will miss your tweets but a break from social media is a good thing too.

Have fun and don't worry about us as most of us have your videos andpics to keep us busy.

Michael said...

Have a great vacation, guys! It's good to take some time off. And I'm sure everyone on social media will survive without constant interaction from you. Your "real" fans are members. We get that it's not about free pics and sexy talk and we understand that you and other performers have a life and aren't tethered to the Internet 24/7/365 like a slave. Again have a good time. Photo looks amazing! Is that the Keys?

John said...

Janet and Steve,

Enjoy your vacation. Much needed and deserved, no doubt. Thanks again for your wonderful website and all you do for your members.

Marc and Kristin said...

Enjoy the down time, guys! You deserve a break. Especially from the social media sandtrap.