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Monday, February 4, 2013

What's New / Where I Have Been

Hello guys & gals,

Lots of you have been emailing me via my site asking what has been going on with Steve & I lately since I have not been posting much either on my blog or site, nor have we been shooting new content as we had planned, nor have we reopened my old foot fetish site yet. Rather than answer the same questions via email over and over again, I decided to make a blog entry to cover these concerns.

First, some of you may or may not know that Steve & I became "empty nesters" in August, when the last of our children left home for school.  Then in September, Steve and I moved down to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida. The next few months were spent preparing our now-too-large-for-two-people house for sale, putting it on the market, settling into our new home in FL, getting to know the area, and, perhaps most importantly, adjusting to not having any children living at home anymore and missing then we started traveling to visit them, and other family and friends we haven't seen in years. 

Then came the holidays and, most recently, two family tragedies (on Steve's side) which sidetracked us for obvious reasons.

But we are fine, and have been slowly getting our groove back, so there is no need for concern. 

As for new site content, we just shot our first new interracial sex video for 2013 with a brand-new fit/younger black stud, and it is being sent off to our DVD editor this week. Expect to see clips from that on the site soon. 

We are also about to start shooting with fans again (fan hand jobs and fan facials) in Ft. Lauderdale and will soon be placing Casting Calls for hung black studs and young (under 30) guys. And in April - my birthday month,  and also the 15th anniversary of me going online - we will be throwing a Birthday Bukkake party and filming/taking photos for the site! For more info, see the Casting Call page of my site here

On top of that, my fans with foot/leg, hosiery and shoe fetishes will see my old foot fetish site, Janet Mason's Foot Tease, back online by April...possibly sooner! 

So...even though we've been somewhat less present lately, we're doing fine and have no intentions of laying low...and in fact we'll be more active than ever very soon!




Vincent Wolff said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedy on your husband's side of the family. Good to hear from you, Janet

Anonymous said...

Janet your face is so beautiful Id love to just have a fifteen minute kissing session with u.Eventually they'll change the phrase aging like a fine wine to aging like Janet Mason.Everyday u get closer and closer to perfection.Hope u and ur fam are doing and continue to do well. All the best.

Bobby M. said...

Janet, you look amazing! And no worries. You and Steve are the best, both as people and as web site owners, and anyone who's met you in persona as I have knows that. Your true fans have NO doubts about you two. Sorry to hear about Steve's family issues but these are part of life. And look at all the positive're now living on the beach while most of us freeze our butts off! LOL. Here's to 2013 and more of what you guys do best!

Robt. said...

Janet: First, Sorry to hear that any tragedies have come into you and Steve's lives. Second, Just to agree with the other writter, What a beautiful photo of you. You just keep getting more and more beautiful and sexier. Thank you Janet! For all the years of allowing all of us to see that awesome body in action and witness you indulge in your wet and wild fantasies...You are a sight to see. No one looks as good as you do in action. You have the perfect body and the right attraction for any man to enjoy. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Janet, you are so smokin hot!

londonhandsomeguy said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles Janet - I do hope things improve and we see more of you soon! X

Anonymous said...

Janet: What I love about watching you having sexual intercourse is the fact that you go all the way! Kissing, making out being felt and fondled. Having you fantastic tits kissed and sucked on, and being eaten out before the fucking ever takes place. You are truly a sight to see on a bed with just your awesome body laying on the sheets. I know you have had those breasts worked on! But what I find so eye catching is how perfect they are in perportion to your intire body. Everything about your size and shape is so beautiful. I love the way they are shaped and how they turn slightly out begging to be kissed and sucked on. And yet I see no scars no insision marks, just wonderful perfect tits that just inhance your intire body. You wouldn't want to give the doctor that did those a plug would you? You could make him a millionaire