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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel Plans for January - May 2013!

Hi guys and gals,

Steve and I had some GREAT times traveling in November and December, and we look forward to picking back up again after the holidays! Here's my schedule for January through May 2013:
  • Los Angeles, CA: January 27th-February 2nd
  • Chicago, IL: February 17th-19th
  • Washington, DC: March 7th-9th
  • New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY: April 11th-17th
  • San Francisco, CA: May 22nd-24th & 26th-28th
We will also be adding more 2013 trips dates throughout the U.S. - possibly (not definitely!) Phoenix, Dallas and Denver. Dates for these cities will be announced much later in the year. I do NOT have any other dates, either exact or approximate,  to share please don't email me asking about them.

Until then...see you online!




Anonymous said...

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Janet, I'm thrilled that you're finally coming to Chicago, and I hope I'll be fortunate enough to meet you and live some of the wild fantasies I've had for years now.

Have a great holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, and you seem to bring fun and excitement wherever you go. Hope your 2013 is fantastic!

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