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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Travel Plans for November/December!

Hi guys and gals,

Now that Steve and I finally have the time to travel, we're taking advantage of it! Here's my schedule for November & December:
  • Boca Raton, FL: November 3rd-6th
  • Miami, FL: November 7th-11th
  • Atlanta, GA: November 15th-17th
  • Fort Myers, FL: November 20th-21st
  • Boca Raton, FL: November 24th-December 3rd
  • New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY: December 4th-8th
  • Orlando, FL: December 9th-11th
  • Boca Raton - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach, FL: December 12th-23rd
We will also be adding more 2013 dates in Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Washington DC/Baltimore, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix and Denver. (Dates for these cities will be announced next year; I do NOT have any dates, either exact or approximate,  to share yet.)

Until then...see you online!




Anonymous said...

Chicago, YES!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE consider adding Texas to your upcoming travels plans next year...

Anonymous said...

Any updates on your travels? I'm sure your fans would love to know.

Janet Mason said...

If there were updates, they would be posted here right away. That's the entire purpose of the travels post, to keep up to date. I mention at the bottom of the post itself that I won't be adding any more cities/dates until after the New Year.

Mark Noll said...

You are undoubtedly the hottest woman that has ever been in adult movies. You are a goddess!

Anonymous said...

Please bring that super tone body back!!! That body was insanely hot and my wife is working toward that look. Anyhow, your the best however you look!!

Anonymous said...

Only for a few days my girfrliend and i missed you!!!if we had known befoure our trip that you''ll be in NY at almost the same time,we would have changed the departure date