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Thursday, November 1, 2012

New DVD & Download Release for November!

Hi guys & gals! Just a quick post to let you know that I just released my first new DVD and download movie in a year! It's called "The Naughty Massage Therapist, Vol. 2" and it's hot! 

The "back story" is that I have recently started my own massage therapy business, which I've named "A Woman's Touch Massage" and which is located within walking distance of a local university campus. But my goals are, shall we say...not so professional. The fact is that I really don't care about making money, I'm just using the business as means to meet and seduce attractive young hardbody men to satiate my constant carnal craving for firm young male flesh and virile young sperm! 

To that end, I've advertised a "Special Student Discount Rate" all over the campus on bulletin boards. Watch as my second client, an adorably cute and very fit foreign exchange student from Switzerland, comes in for his first session to get some stress relief...and ends up having some "pressure" released in a way he'd have never expected! 

After rubbing his beautiful young body for a bit - giving him an instantaneous hard-on which pops up obscenely under the sheets - I peel back the sheets, oil up his big, throbbing cock and start jacking him off with my dainty, experienced and oh-so-skilled hands. This handsome young stud is so hung and so cute that I want to do more than just jerk him off, and the animal attraction between us is so intense that I we're soon kissing like frantic lovers as I milk him. Then I pull off my clothes and get on the table with him, 69-style, so that I can suck that big, fat young cock and balls while he licks my pussy and ass. Soon things ramp up even more and soon I spin around and straddle him, guiding that enormous piece of young man-meat into my sopping wet, hot and very tight pussy. Then I fuck him silly, and when he is ready to cum I jump off the table, grab my "milking glass" and aim his big young dick right into it as she spurts a HUGE creamy load for me, one thick white rope of virile seed after another, filling the glass for me. As soon as I am sure this young stud has given me every single drop of semen his huge young balls have to offer, I tilt my head back, lift the glass and pout the entire massive cumload right into my hungry, eager mature mouth. Mmmmm...his sperm (like that of most young studs) is so rich and creamy and delicious....I don't waste a drop! 

Needless to say, my new young friend is blown away and asks if he can come back for another session. Of course I say yes...but then tell him that he has to get dressed and go so that I can get ready for my next young client, due soon! 

Check out the Store page of my site today for a free preview clip and 39 sample stills from this hot new title today! You can order the DVD there, or the iPod/iPhone compatible download version here.

That's it for today...see you online!

P.S. The photo above was just shot last night on a "date night" with hubby Steve...and a new SUPER- hung off-camera black lover!  



Anonymous said...

Hi guys.....kind of brings back a distant memory (out at a restaurant). Kind of exciting knowing that nobody else surrounding you guys knows whats about to, or has just taken place between you and your new friend!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I know how to handle the bush!