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Monday, September 3, 2012

The End Of My Alter Ego!

It's official! As of today, Paige McFarland, my alter ego, is no more. If you don't know the name Paige McFarland or why she was my alter ego for over a year, please read this prior blog entry first - and then read this one, too. I simply don't have the time to reiterate that entire long story to newcomers.

So, why did I decide to end the Paige persona?

My reasoning was simple...because, in the end, it was just too confusing to fans. For over 14 years of constant online presence, most people have known me only as  Janet Mason. That's the "real me" it just makes more sense to focus on that rather than a second and distracting persona.  Although I will still do glamour, fine art nude, fitness and promotional modeling, just as I always have, I am going back to doing so as Janet Mason again rather than as the Paige McFarland persona I adopted back in 2011. The same goes for any future fitness-related competitions I may enter in the future...I will compete as Janet Mason, not as Paige McFarland.

In keeping with this decision, I've already changed my name back to Janet Mason on my professional modeling portfolios and I have deactivated my Paige McFarland Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

So...Paige is no more...from now on it's just Janet! I achieved a lot as Paige McFarland but I have achieved even more as Janet Mason and I feel I owe it to my fans to stick to just one persona. Especially since everything I did as Paige I can do as well or even better as Janet. :-)

That said, if you were following me on Twitter or Facebook as Paige McFarland before, here are the links for my Janet Mason accounts because I terminated the Paige accounts today:

Facebook Fan Page:


That's it for this entry, guys and gals. See you online!



Greg said...


Whatever you choose is fine by me. I will miss Paige though as it added a bit of...mystery I suppose is what I'm looking for. I have followed you for over 10 years and you just get better with each passing year. But, what I like best if you have a brain to go with your body. The combination makes you sexier than the vast majority of women in the adult industry. You are just tooooooo hot!

Luv Ya,


Anonymous said...

Dear Janet, good job, J.M. Forever and everywhere
Kisse fm Italy

Anonymous said...

Janet id love to see a threesome video with you, your husband and a guy of your choice. I know its never gonna happen but I can dream. Whatever name you go by its going to forever be etched in the minds of every man whose seen your beauty. Take care.

Vincent Wolff said...

at least I know what to call you now! Congratulations, and good luck