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Thursday, July 5, 2012

No More Figure/Fitness Competitions!

Ever since I first tried my hand at figure shows back in the summer of 2010, a lot of my fans have been really, really interested in my training, my show placings and my fitness modeling. Partly that may be due to the fact that I took home two trophies in my very first show (2nd Place in my age group and 3rd Place overall, competing against girls as young as 18) and because the very next year I repeated that success to a higher degree, winning three more 2nd Place trophies and one more 3rd Place in 2011. I'm assuming that if I had not "started off with a bang", so to speak...if I had not placed well and had just been one of the hundred or more non-placing contestants...that the interest and support of my fans would not be as strong.

Well, I have some news for those of you who are "into" that part of me...after taking off the entire 2012 season, I have decided NOT to compete anymore and will NOT doing any more fitness-specific modeling, either. Why? Simply because it's too restrictive and binding on my lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong...I love being fit, but I used to always do whatever activities and sports struck my fancy at any particular time. That meant if I wanted to run a local 5K or 10K road race, I could and did. If I wanted to train for a major marathon (26.2 miles) and run it with Steve, I could and did. Ditto for doing a Century Ride (100 miles, cycling) or a full-day hike up a huge mountain...whatever I wanted to do, I could do and would do.

The problem is that fitness modeling and bodybuilding sports (which, for women, include bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini and fitness) are 100% restrictive in every imaginable way. Your entire life must center around training and dieting just for your sport in general, and for your next big show in  particular. Not only do you have to go to bed and get up a  specific time, but every single calorie you ingest as well as what food source it comes from, what time you eat it, and how often you eat it, matters. Don't want to eat 6-7 meals a day? Too bad. Want to eat more per meal? Too bad. How about eating less? Too bad. Want to run a 10K this weekend for charity? Too bad, you can't. Want to go hiking for 8 hours with your family? Too bad, you can't. Wish you could replace one of your normal cardio or weight workouts with one of these other events? Too can't. Want to have just a single  drink with family or friends to celebrate a very special occasion? Forget it. And don't even ask about having a tiny piece of wedding cake at a wedding.

Once again, don't get me wrong...I love working hard toward a positive goal. I ran my first 26.2 marathon years ago after never having run further than a 1.5 miles in my entire life before starting to train for that race. I learned to become a better swimmer - and then learned how to race road bikes - so that I could enter my first triathlon, and I became pretty good at that sport, too. So when I decided to give figure competitions a whirl, I went at it with the same discipline and determination as always...and I did very, very well. Never would I have guessed that, as  woman in  my 40's with absolutely NO prior bodybuilding or weightlifting experience, I could end up taking home two trophies in my very first show as a total novice and then double that the next year.

I guess that I was so caught up in  all the glamour and attention and positive feedback that at a certain point I started doing it for the wrong reasons...simply because it was "expected of me" by too many people, none of whom were family or close friends. And you can't get any worse on the "wrongness scale" than that when it comes to living your own life.

The fact is that I started off with the goal of trying just one show for "fun" and not only did I do five shows total in two years, but I did extremely well, far beyond any reasonable expectation. That was fun and I loved it while it lasted...but I'm ready to have a life again, by which I mean "freedom". Freedom to go out to a nice dinner at a posh restaurant with Steve and friends and enjoy a bottle of fine red wine. Freedom to train for a running race if I want to. Freedom to hike all day when we're in an area with mountains. Freedom to sleep in on Saturday morning and to not "have to" do 2 workouts a day, 6 days a week, while spending literally thousands of dollars per year on training/coaching, special diet foods and supplements, plus thousands more on contest entry fees for myself, show tickets for family members to see me compete, and the travel expenses for airfare/hotel/rental car to get to the shows around the country.

The bottom line is that although I love being fit and I particularly enjoy sports that are very strenuous, I also love my freedom of choice and I love to indulge the hedonistic side of my personality. Bodybuilding sports, by their very nature, are extremely spartan and ANTI-hedonistic. And if there was ever a word that describes Steve and I, it's hedonistic. Not to an extreme...we don't do drugs, we don't drink to get "wasted", and we don't overindulge in food or anything else, for that matter. But we do love the physical pleasures of being super healthy & fit in our own ways while enjoying a guilt-free day lazing at the beach or by the pool, eating out at nice restaurants, savoring a fine red wine, sleeping in on vacations or the weekends and having the energy for an extremely active and very intense sex life. (Which is another thing that goes out the window when in deep training for figure competitions - any energy for, or interest in, sex. At all. Which is really weird because more people than ever want to have sex with you based on your new look. Oh, the irony!)

So...I am "done" with figure shows, at least for now and definitely on any serious level. If I ever do one again, and I doubt I ever will, it will probably be a couple of years down the road at some local, low-level show in which I really don't care how I place. Steve and I are still working out, but in a more flexible way, doing what we enjoy rather than what I or we "have" to do...and we've decided to celebrate this renewed freedom by running a half-marathon (13.1 miles) together at the end of the year. It will be the first race we've run together in several years, and we're both really excited about it! Although I have no intentions of stopping my modeling work, I will only do glamour, swimwear and fine art nude modeling more "fitness" modeling. In other words, back to what I used to do prior to the whole figure show adventure.

One more thing...I am no longer going to announce the names/dates/locations of any sports events I do ahead of time (if at all), or how I placed in them. Why? First and foremost is because I do them for myself, not for public attention. Secondly because it often feels like Steve and I have NO privacy as fans in the local area always want to meet us at these events, every time, which means we can't focus on simply doing the races and having fun like everyone else...they end up becoming "public relations gigs", instead, which is NOT the reason we compete in sports.

I want to thank the innumerable fans who've been "into" and following my figure competition and fitness modeling adventures over since I started off in 2010...your support meant a lot then, and it still does. But now it's time for me to move on and get back to what Janet Mason is all about...having great fun sharing great sex with great fans! Starting late this summer Steve and I will be offering shoot with fans again several times a year in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Las Vegas and I will have all the energy and time needed to make them hot! Get ready, guys and gals....the Hedonist Hotwife is back!



Vincent Wolff said...

Good for you, Janet! and you proved you could do fitness competitions by winning. Sounds,like a great decision

Richard Elliott said...

I applaud you for the incredible amount of success you've acheived in both areas of your life - and I don't know enough about your private life ot say all three. You look and saound amazing, and still remain an intelligent, sensible and totally 'together' woman. Do what you love and live how you like. If you ever go to the UK , I'd love to meet you and Steve. :)

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Have fun, as always :-)

Anonymous said...


I was one who not enthusiastic about your figure/fitness competitions. I never expressed that to you because I am entirely enthusiastic about you and did not to retract from that or say or do anything that was in any way negative. You have opened to us, your fans, much, much more than we could ever imagine. I am sure many others are just as thankful for you openness.

You are a beautiful and considerate woman and am blessed to be a fan of yours. I like the way you change looks every couple years or so, but what may change on the outside has no effect on the person within. I appreciate the quality person you are. Obviously, Steve possesses the same quality.

Rob and Cyndi said...

Janet, thank you for this update. We love the fact that you don't update your blog with silly crap like most people do. This post was timely because we are huge fans of both your adult work and your figure show endeavors, and we actually saw you and Steve at one of your NYC shows in lower Manhattan. (I am FAR from gay, but Steve's a damn nice looking dude, BTW, and you guys make a very good looking couple. Cyndi wants to know if you'd share him, LOL.)

Anyway we fully understand and respect your position. This sport does become a "total life" and if you're as varied a person as you say in your sports interests, you're right, you should not let it override your other loves. Needless to say your adult work (especially the AMATEUR stuff that Steve shoots - no camera man is as good with you as he is) is our main interest. You rock and we've been fans since you first started off in the late 1990's. You are a true legend and role model for other "MILF" performers. Congrats on your decision and all the best in your other sports!!

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt you give 100 +% to everything you do. We so hope you get back into making more films. your sexual energy and looks make your movies so intense to watch. With your recent blogs you seem to be sharing more of your thoughts and we applaud you for this. We would love to hear why you have shifted from your interacial movies to more real movies with the younger white studs. The energy you release in these movies is so intense

Also, can you share what it has been like doing the girl girl scenes. we loved your recent one with brandi love- wow it was intense

D in GA said...

Something I learned years ago when my interest in fitness was rekindled by a woman I was lusting after: You have to work at it for yourself, not others. I mainly worked out at that time in an attempt to please her, and when that relationship ended, I lost all interest in working out for quite some time.

Fast forward to now, and I'm back in the gym 4-5 times a week, getting back into decent shape for my own good. :)

I say this despite the fact I (like nearly any guy reading your blog) would love to be fit and attractive enough to garner your attention... :D

Dave and Kim said...

Yet another great blog entry, Janet. I must say that we just LOVE the way you do exactly what you want to do as long as it is legal and you have Steve's support. That kind of independence is admirable and rare. And we bet it really pisses off the he-man,woman-hater pseudo studs out there to no end! You're full of life and sharp as a tack, and that makes you even sexier! Keep it up, you had us at hello since 1998.

MstrHole said...

A wise person once told me "Find what's important and do it. Find what's not important and don't do it."

I applaud you for finding what was important to you and Steve and focusing on that rather than what others thought was important.

Thanks for sharing this. You are an inspiration for many as a clear demonstration of the rewards of discipline and the willingness to work hard to achieve your goals.