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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up...

Hi guys & gals, it's been 8 weeks since my last blog! Time really flies, especially when you're busy!

So...what's new with me? Mostly family and real-world work, which I don't discuss here for obvious reasons...but also some "adult" news.

First, Steve and I are in the final stages of re-launching my old foot/leg/hosiery/shoe fetish site, Janet Mason's Foot Tease, after many months of discussing and planning  it. (We shut it down in late 2005 but fans have been asking us to bring it back ever since!) We had originally projected a launch date of late May...but now we're saying mid-to-late July as we have soooo much going on in our personal lives over the next 2 months. Anyway, it is to those of you "foot fans" out there who have been chomping at the bit for it to reopen, thank you for your patience!

Secondly, as most of you know by now, I do almost no pro video scenes these days as I prefer to focus on my amateur stuff that Steve and I shoot for my personal site, Janet Mason Exposed. I haven't even had an agent in some time. However, I am still usually open to select scenes with select companies (which basically means self-booked scenes that sound like "me", with directors and male or female partners that I actually am attracted to)...and with that in mind, I recently shot three new G/G scenes for Girlfriends Films, which was the very first pro studio I ever shot for and which is still one of the best companies out there based on personality of the director/owner, the quality of the scenes and talent, and the generous pay they offer. The lovely ladies I shot scenes with were Brandi Love (photo below), Elexis Monroe and Diamond! All three are super-sexy ladies who are amazing in bed and we all gave each other real "faking it for the camera", which is the norm for women in pro video, required!

I also did two B/G scenes for a brand-new site called Pure Mature that specializes in shooting passionate, dreamy scenes of mature women with attractive younger and fit silly "comedy sex" or "Dude, can you top this?" gonzo crap. I was allowed to pick the guys myself, so I chose one of my favorite younger white studs ever, Johnny Castle, and a new young white stud I'd never shot with before named Bruce Ventura, who has a huge cock...and we all know how much I like that! Both scenes were fun - especially the one with Johnny since we have a genuine, long-running chemistry (since 2009) of shooting pro scenes, amateur scenes for my own site, and even off-camera play with Steve whenever we are in the same town at the same town. Johnny really knows how to hit all my buttons and he made me cum super-hard twice in one scene! :-) Here's a pic of us together, in case some of you don't know of him.

That's it for pro scenes so far - otherwise, Steve and I are in the process of shooting for my own site and will be offering "fan shoots" in Miami this summer...more news to come on that soon, right here on my blog as well as on my site!

That's about it for this update, everyone. Catch you online soon! :-)



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your scene with Diamond Jackson. That should really rev my motor for sure. Also wish Dogfart could hook you up with Mandingo. I would love to see you do Zebra Girls also with Dogfart.

Freejames said...

Thanks for the updates Janet. Always good to see you are producing erotica and doing it your way. I often wish Steve would photograph you as often as possible, he has a great eye for capturing your sexy body on film. One of my favourite sets was simply you and in a one piece white bathing suit while sun tanning. A truly voyeuristic experience without any sex, just sexiness.

Robt said...

Janet: I agree with the last "Comment" Janet! Although it is a sight to see you being fucked, it is a sight to just see you naked. Your beauty, body, and just you naked on a bed is erotic.