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Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Gifts From Fans!

After all these years online (14 of them, as of!) I am still continually surprised by the generosity of my fans, many of whom send me so many gifts, so often, that it boggles the mind.

Here are some more gifts that arrived since my last "fan gifts" post in late January.

At the top of the first photo you'll see a commissioned painting of me which is based on one of my modeling photos and which has been custom matted and framed by a gentleman named Wayne who has been not only a loyal fan but an actual friend for several years now. I can't even imagine how much it cost to commission a custom painting from an artist and then have it custom matted and framed, but I can tell you this...I had no idea he had done so until he presented it to me in person. To say I was completely stunned is an understatement! Thank you, Wayne! You're always a sweetie but you really blew my mind with this one! Steve was likewise amazed and we are still pondering the best place to hang it our home.

Everything underneath the painting in the first photo - three pairs of red shoes (including a pair of ruby slippers with 5 inch heels!), the garter belts, the fishnet hosiery, the micro bikinis and the slingshot bikini, PLUS the red latex dress in the photo below - all arrived in a very large  box from another fan, this one named Michael. Yet again, this was a total surprise...Michael never emailed me to let me know he was sending anything. Although he does like to surprise me now and then by sending unannounced and often lavish gifts...this time he really outdid himself as the latex dress alone cost a couple hundred dollars, plus 3 pairs of expensive shoes and everything else! I have no idea what I did to inspire you to be so generous, Michael, but thank you! And of course, I promise to have photos taken in  all of these items for you. (By the way, Michael, I have never worn latex clothing before but I think it looks hot...what do you think?)

I think that from now on I will make it a point to publicly thank each and every fan who sends me gifts, right here on my blog, by taking photos of the items (and/or of me wearing them, if they are clothing items) and mentioning the fan by first name.

Thanks again, Wayne and Michael, you guys are just too much! And thank you again, everyone else who's sent me gifts in the past. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated. I have the best fans ever! :-)




Tim and Vicky said...

It's cool that you take the time to thank you fans, that shows real class, Janet. Question, though. Does anyone ever send Steve anything? Because he is a super-generous and very open-minded guy for sharing you with us all. (And we've heard he's about THE nicest hotwife hubby in the web site biz.). Just curious. And THANK YOU, Steve, in case no one else says it!

Anonymous said...

meh on the latex

Anonymous said...


You should wear that red latex dress and shoes for your next IR shoot, it looks super fucking Hot!

Anonymous said...

You deserve all that and more, Janet; simple as that.
Watching you in that latex dress was too much for my eyes, you're amazing; however, can't wait to see how's your red bush has grown

Anonymous said...

Latex looks damn sexy on you! You should use it in some scene. I wish you would also use some body stockings in some scene.

Anonymous said...

Super hot!!!!1 Best MILF on the planet!!!

Mr. Smith said...

Had to scroll away from that pic of you in the latex to make sure my monitor didn't catch fire... :)