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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gifts From Fans!

People often ask me if fans like to send me gifts and the answer is yes, all the time! Check out the photo shows me with all the fan gifts I received JUST IN THE PAST 2 1/2 MONTHS! Can you believe it? Seriously...this stuff is just from November, December and the first 1/2 of January!

This is why I don't have an Amazon Wish List...I don't need one because this is a constant thing, all year long, every year, all the way back to 1998! Jeans, blouses, lingerie, dresses, shoes and boots, jewelry, swimwear, dildos, name it and fans send me it all the time. I'm very flattered and here's a public thank-you to all the guys who sent this stuff (they each have already received private thank you notes...)

The most recent gift comes from a longtime super-fan named Andrew. He knows that the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of my favorite toys of all time, along with my Sybian...but the Sybian is huge and heavy and not practical for "quickies" he found this really cool "love seat" and variable speed controller for the Hitachi Magic Wand, which essentially makes it a poor man's Sybian or "travel Sybian", because you sit on it like you would on the Sybian and you control the speed with a remote for hands-free orgasms like the Sybian. Cool, huh!

I liked the idea of this new gadget so much that Steve shot a few pics of me opening it...and then we shot a video clip of me riding it and getting off to an INTENSE orgasm, which we're posting as today's update to the members area of my site!

Thanks, Andrew...this is going to get lots and lots of usage, for sure! ;_)

And thank you again, everyone else, for all the other super-nice gifts you've sent!




Anonymous said...

Love it Janet. You deserve them all and more. Love the clip too! I bet steve had a massive boner watching you rude your new toy! x

Chace Thibodeaux said...

An Amazon Wishlist would be great for the fans that don't know what to buy or where to send them.