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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank you, everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank both my fans and my haters for helping me to win the Vitrix Model Search Contest for May, which was just announced yesterday! I won a $2500.00 cash prize and an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a professional photo shoot with renowned photographer Terry Goodlad. (The photos from the shoot will be featured on the Vitrix Model Team web site soon after the shoot). By the time the clock struck midnight Pacific time on June 14th, I had a commanding lead with 8375 votes, over 5000 votes more than the second place contestant. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Showing thankfulness toward my loyal fans is an obvious and natural display of sincere gratitude...but why why would I thank my "haters"? Because I'm grateful for them, too, in an ironically comical way! You see, in their vain attempt to "bring me down" by "exposing" the fact that I do adult video under the name of Janet Mason, they failed to realize:

a.) That most people already knew.
b.) That the overwhelming majority of those that didn't know don't care.
c.) That the Vitrix folks in particular already know and most CERTAINLY don't care since Vitrix is a male libido/sexual performance enhancement product and all marketing of it is blatantly sexual in nature.
d.) Their back-breaking determination and frantic efforts to "ruin" the contest for me only succeeded in bringing me more fans and more votes and were a very significant factor in the major landslide victory I achieved. (After all, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad press!)

But that's not all they did. Thanks to them reaching out and doing all that free, unsolicited PR for me, I even got more new members than usual to my web site in the past month, experienced a drastic increase in sales at my clips4sale stores, and had a huge burst of paid photo shoots with photographers! So thank you, were a MAJOR force in my win and I want you to get full credit for your efforts! ;-)

Here is a link to the official announcement on the Vitrix web site - Again, thank you all, especially my dear fans, and I'll see you online!