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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Fun With Old Friends

2011 has been a banner year for reuniting with studs Steve and I haven't seen in years.

It all began in March with Will from DFW, whom we hadn't seen in 11 years! We spent a two full days fucking & sucking each other dry - one day captured on video (which was soon released on DVD and as a download at my site) and the next day captured in photos, which are in the members area of my site.

Since then we've met with Will two more times - once in late September and again this month - for two more hot, full-day trysts, each captured on video.

Another recent reunion was with Mitchell, the young, totally ripped black stud from several of my more popular DVDs and downloads whom we hadn't been able to connect with since late 2007 or early 2008! We happened to both be in the same city at the same time, so we made the best of it...and it was hot! That video will soon be released, too. (The first clip has already been posted in the members area of my site.)

So that's 5 new sweaty trysts with 2 old friends in the past 7 months. It's been fun and hope to hook up with more of my other favorites studs we haven't seen in awhile soon, too!




Anonymous said...


It is Always great to see you post about your interracial encounters with muscular, alpha Black Men. Please keep treating ALL of your fans to MORE of this Hot IR Acton!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you shooting more "Steve & Janet" style content, Janet. You guys are the best, hands-down and you are by far the hottest and most "real" amateur MILF there is. Personally we can't stand pro video (not yours, not anyone's) and your site stuff (when you are into it) is THE best. We hope you get back into that same groove that you had in your "pre-pro work" days, because those directors made you start "acting" and you were so real before that.

Anonymous said...

"Since then we've met with Will two more times - once in late September and again this month - for two more hot, full-day trysts, each captured on video"....ooooh Janet please let us see this soon!!! Please don't keep us waiting.

Anonymous said...

As a huge fan of your interracial scenes, I applaud you and Steve and look forward to seeing you getting nasty with more black men...especially with two or more black men at a time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Janet, You are truly the best interacial hotwife on the net. But I wonder how many fans really watch close at your tight, beautiful pussy as you are being penitrated by these Black Monster Cocks? Watch their enormous heads have to fold back just to fit into your tight pussy, watch as the shaft has to bend as it is pushed into the lips to enter you. Watch as the lips pop back over the shaft. And the best part is once that Big Black Cock is pushed as deep as it can go into your pussy, how it always comes out drenched in your cum. It only says just how good a piece of ass you are, and how turned on you are about haveing that Monster inside of you....Fucking you. You are #1

Robt said...

Janet, The way in which you explain to the viewer that you are there with whom ever is sitting beside you at the time, and that you are about to be fucked by his cock, etc.,etc.. To watch as you strip, kiss, get those Beautiful, Full, Firm tits felt and played with. And the way you have of sucking a mans cock before, during, and even after it has fucked you and ejackulated inside of your pussy, you deserve a Standing Ovation. No women other, than you, can capture the true passion and pleasure of "Doing Blacks" like Janet Mason. I wish they had an Emmy Award for an Honest Hotwife! You'd take that prize I have NO DOUBTS.