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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casting Call in Las Vegas...and other news!

I just announced a new Casting Call opportunity for my fans on my web site! I also announced my availability for Private Foot Worship sessions for my foot fetish fans. The shoots and sessions will take place in Las Vegas, NV between July 20-23. For detailed info, see the Casting Call and Travels pages of my site.

In other news, I am officially done with figure shows for the 2011 season so that I can gear up for next season. I only did two shows in 2010 and two shows this year. This year I competed in two categories in each show and placed highly in both, bringing home two 2nd Place trophies and one 3rd Place trophy. I had thought about doing 1-2 more shows this year but decided to wait until next year as I have other things I want to do. For the next 11 months I will be spending my time doing shoots for my web site, modeling, training for and running a few half-marathons (13.1 mile road races) with Steve. (Marathons and half-marathons are an old love of ours...we used to do them quite a bit and miss them!) I will be back to figure show competitions in July or August of 2012, stronger than ever, and may do more than my usual two-shows-per-season at that time. It all depends on my interests at the time as I like to keep my options open...competing is not something I take seriously as I have no long term goals with my sports other than to enjoy them and stay healthy & fit with Steve!

That's it for today, guys and gals. See you online!




Anonymous said...

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy, new Janet content coming this year. I'm exited as I am every year for what you have in store for us. You keep giving and we keep following. No other amateur site gives as much. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

By the way I really don't follow any other site as Janet's has everything I need to satisfy my fantasies!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are making a wise choice as you get really boney/skinny in your upper body from this figure stuff and it ruins your look. Your lower body looks AMAZING when hard and so does your back but your face, shoulders and arms look gaunt. Why doesn't your coach balance you out? You used to have the most perfectly balanced body in porn til you started that sport.

Dan and Kate said...


When you say "For the next 11 months I will be spending my time doing shoots for my web site"....we're both hoping that means more "Cougar Prey" shoots. Those are SMOKING-HOT and we love them! Gets us horny as hell every time.

SlipperJean said...

Please Janet, don't forget your foot lovers.

It's time to bring back the most wonderful foot fetish website on the net! :)

Anonymous said...

Got to get back to porn!!! Need to see that fit body in action!!!