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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank you, everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank both my fans and my haters for helping me to win the Vitrix Model Search Contest for May, which was just announced yesterday! I won a $2500.00 cash prize and an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a professional photo shoot with renowned photographer Terry Goodlad. (The photos from the shoot will be featured on the Vitrix Model Team web site soon after the shoot). By the time the clock struck midnight Pacific time on June 14th, I had a commanding lead with 8375 votes, over 5000 votes more than the second place contestant. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Showing thankfulness toward my loyal fans is an obvious and natural display of sincere gratitude...but why why would I thank my "haters"? Because I'm grateful for them, too, in an ironically comical way! You see, in their vain attempt to "bring me down" by "exposing" the fact that I do adult video under the name of Janet Mason, they failed to realize:

a.) That most people already knew.
b.) That the overwhelming majority of those that didn't know don't care.
c.) That the Vitrix folks in particular already know and most CERTAINLY don't care since Vitrix is a male libido/sexual performance enhancement product and all marketing of it is blatantly sexual in nature.
d.) Their back-breaking determination and frantic efforts to "ruin" the contest for me only succeeded in bringing me more fans and more votes and were a very significant factor in the major landslide victory I achieved. (After all, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad press!)

But that's not all they did. Thanks to them reaching out and doing all that free, unsolicited PR for me, I even got more new members than usual to my web site in the past month, experienced a drastic increase in sales at my clips4sale stores, and had a huge burst of paid photo shoots with photographers! So thank you, were a MAJOR force in my win and I want you to get full credit for your efforts! ;-)

Here is a link to the official announcement on the Vitrix web site - Again, thank you all, especially my dear fans, and I'll see you online!



poplifephotography said...

Hell of a job in getting the win. You effectively marketed yourself, relying on a good mix of people who knew and supported you with those who would spread the good (or bad) word, which never, ever hurts.

Best of luck as you enter the next phase of the competition for the even larger prize. Your efforts and determination certainly show you deserve it!

Ben and Marti said...

Awesome, Janet! And we think it's hilarious how the "haters", whoever they are, helped so much. People like that never seem to understand how much they undermine their own efforts to bring others down. Like you said, there's no such thing as bad press. If they kept their idiotic mouths shut they might actually achieve their goals! To funny. Congrats again, you deserve it and we're sure Steve is proud of you. You guys rock in our book!

Vincent Wolff said...

geez, the way you aggressively worked this, I should hire you to do MY marketing! congratulations again, on a well deserved victory. Have fun at the shoot

Urban Jointz said...

Congratulations Ms. Janet (always wanted to say that)! Good luck on winning the grand prize!

Kurt and Lisa said...

Congratulations, Janet! You our not only our favorite adult performer (and Steve our favorite director, far better than the "pros") but you are also our favorite figure competitor! We saw you at the NYC show and you looked amazing! Love you, your site, your DVDs, your modeling, Steve's photography...EVERYTHING you guys do! And that's so funny about the haters helping you to win!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You deserved to win no matter what as you had the most appropriate look of all the other ladies in the contest for Mr. Goodlad's style of shooting. The fact that your haters, AKA woman-less losers, assisted you with their bone-headed reverse public relations "plot" is fucking hilarious! But also typical, no?

Congratulations, Janet! And kudos to you and Steve for giving your fans so much for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! U R dabest!

Ray said...

I knew you could do it!!!! Congratulations, beautiful! Onward and upward!!! Speaking of paid shoots, I am working on a trip to Atlanta and hope to schedule with you too! Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work! You look awesome because of that!
Good Luck in your figure competitions, too!

Ray :)

Anonymous said...

Great job sexy!! YOur fans are happy for you!!


Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate...and apparently unknowingly help you win.

Thats gotta suck.

BL said...

Great blog entry, Janet! As one of those fitness photographers your "haters" tried to "expose" you to via messaging me on Facebook, I am also indebted to them for doing so because it made it a LOT easier to ask you t pose nude when we shoot next month. Much gracias and hats off to ya, fellas!

Freejames said...

Excellent news for Janet... but not surprising. Her glamour and candid pics are stunning.

I'm sure many people "discovered" Janet and are delighted to uncover the other facets of her modelling career, as witnessed by the spike in "Janet Exposed" members.

I've run polls at my blog about favourite female performers in the adult biz and Janet is the consistant favourite... and continues to become more popular. Bravo!

Freejames said...

PS... I notice the second place finisher was Janessa Brazil, who has a history of adult work, so I don't think voters are holding that against any candidates.