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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interview at X-Critic

If you're a fan (or an obsessed hater looking for more reasons to get yourself upset), check out my interview at X-Critic!




Anonymous said...

Lex, Shane, and Richard Mann TOGETHER is Janet's dream scene?

Mine too! Is there anything better than watching lovely Janet taking on multiple black cocks?

I hope your dream comes true...soon...and I'll cum too.

Chris said...

Hey Janet

Is there ANY chance you would shoot any more pro work in the future? I would love to see you do a gokkun or bukkake :-)

Milf said...

You have a fantastic site here Janet. Keep up the good work ;)

Anonymous said...

Great interview - as for your least favourite scene. The annoying thing for the viewer was that you looked incredible but the scene was a total wash-out.

It ain't rocket science folks - take one Janet add one young stud and let Janet enjoy herself. The result WILL be Grade A guaranteed

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Interview, for years I've been a big fan and to think of you in a group with Richard Shane an Lex amazing, then you truely are after all you let us watch as all of the above have feasted more than once on your lucious body and left your sweet pussy so full that we could see how much potent black seed they had pumped in you. As I say you've treated us to some magnificent sights but the one I think we would all like to see is you lay legs apart a massive smile on your face as you proudly display to the camera the massive load Flash Brown as left inside you. So please if you don't have any other big names in the future at least let Flash flood you then more than just my dream may come true.