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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cock Worship Part 2: The Art of the Blow Job

As a follow up to my post on hand jobs, I thought I'd talk today about another serious love of mine..blow jobs! I just can't help but succumb to my oral fixations when a beautifully erect cock is bobbing in my face. I love to grab a cock by the base, pull it toward my mouth, open wide and stretch my mouth around it. Using my tongue on the underside, feeling that "V" and cupping my tongue there so it "suction cups" to it. Then tracing the ridge of the swollen head with the tip of my tongue. I explore every inch, up and down the shaft. And then there are the balls...I love balls! First I drink in their musky, male scent and then start swirling my tongue all over them, sometimes playfully grasping the skin of the man's sac gently in my teeth and tugging ever-so-lightly. By that point I'm totally lost in my "cock worship" mode. I'm always encouraged as a man reacts to my oral skills...feeling him tense up with pleasure, letting out a moan and then surrendering control to me...

After tending to the guy's balls (which most women shy away from...or at least don't pay enough attention to) I trace my tongue back up their now throbbing member. I linger at that little "V" again for a moment to feel the swelling of the head. It's like their cock has a life of its own now, twitching and pulsing uncontrollably. Then, I look up at them with my big blue eyes, open my mouth wide and wrap my soft lips and warm wet mouth around the head. I love watching the reaction on their face after having built up the intensity first. It's a pretty widely known fact that the bigger the cock, the better for me, so when I can wrap both my hands from the base up and still have plenty of cock to suck on, I'm a girl in her glory. I grab on firmly and start slowly sucking the shaft into my mouth. I the start a little twist of my head as I suck hard on the way up as if stroking it with my mouth. Now, I'm lost in my aching lust to pleasure the guy and tease him to a spurting orgasm in my mouth. Not forgetting the balls, I reach down with one hand to tug on them while gripping the base of the shaft and sucking in big, juicy wet gulps. I can feel the tension increasing, reading the moans, heavy breathing and writhing of the man until his explosive release hits the back of my throat. That warm, salty burst of semen spurting on my tongue (which, after the build-up of of one of my blow jobs is usually several good, long spurts) drives me insane with pure animal lust. I try to hold it in my mouth to look up and show him...and then swallow. Mmmm, tasty rewards for my efforts!