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Thursday, November 4, 2010

October/November Update!

Hi guys & gals!

Since my last entry a little over a month ago, Steve & I spent 3 weeks shooting "niche" clips with fans - specifically, handjobs, which is one of my favorite kinks. There's just something so hot about making a cock squirt with just my hands, especially a total stranger's! I love that feeling of "control".

We're now "done" for more shooting, either for my site or pro work. Like most people, we'll be gearing up for the holidays and spending time together as a family...all while keeping the site updated, of course.

Other than wrapping up 3 weeks of shooting for my site, the only other "news" is for those who are into my pro work, which I have cut way, way back on. For those who do enjoy my pro video scenes, there are two new ones interracial/huge cock scene with Flash Brown for Blacks on Cougars, and a MILF/Younger Man scene with the super-hung British stud Kieran Lee for Brazzers.

Other than that, nothing new or exciting to report. Until next time...Happy Holidays! :-)



Freejames said...

Have a Happy Holidays Janet, thanks for the update. It was certainly an eventful 2010, with more fans discovering your unique blend of pro-am erotica. Look forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve for 2011.

obedient_jim said...

Happy Holidays, Janet!

Thanks for this blog entry.

I love it when you write about being "in control" when giving handjobs -- I really admire you for that.

Your blog is fantastic and I look forward to your future posts.

Kind regards,

- Jim