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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New DVD/Download Release for December!

As promised, Steve and I are back to releasing new homemade amateur adventure on DVD and as downloads for iPod, iPhone and computers every month...and, following hot on the heels of my November release, December's title is now available as a pre-order. On the "hotness" scale, this one's a scorcher!

Oh my God, what a night this shoot documents! Byron Long, who has been a fan of my site for years, came over to our "shoot condo" to give me a taste of his enormous black cock and balls and ended up fucking me within an inch of my life! I'm not kidding, ladies and man has ever fucked me as long or as hard as Byron did that night...I came 4 times in a row within the first 30 minutes, and he made me "squirt" all over the bed during my 4th orgasm just from the solid, thorough pounding he gave me! (No man has ever made me squirt from fucking, either before or since that night!) And then he just kept on fucking me! I think I reached a total of 6 or 7 earth-shaking, toe-curling, face-contorting, tear-inducing orgasms that night before Byron finally emptied his gigantic balls deep inside me, filling me with a huge load that I show off to the camera as it pours out of me onto the sweat-and-squirt-soaked bedsheets! Whew...I was so completely "fucked out" and exhausted from this once-in-a-lifetime fuck that I literally fell asleep in the car as Steve drove me home, too wiped out to even talk to my baby, much less "relieve" him like I usually do. This was truly one night I will never forget...and neither will you, once you see how well hubby Steve captured our frenzied lust on camera for posterity! Thanks, Byron...and, as always, thank you for spoiling me, hubby! Meanwhile, be sure to check out my Store page today for 42 stills and a free preview clip for both Windows and Mac users!



Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, Janet! That description alone made me rock-hard and my wife soaking wet! Can't wait to see this...ordering now! No one, and we mean no one, does interracial hotwife stuff like you and Steve. You guys ROCK!

James W. said...

I think I just came in my pants.

Yep...I did!

You are the reigning queen of IR and no one captures you like Steve.

Time to clean up my mess!

Kurt said...

I don't know how Steve does it. I mean, you are SO hot, Janet, and you're at your hottest when you are fucking super-hung black studs or these ripped young 20-something white studs you've been enjoying recently. If I were Steve I wouldn't be able to film you as I'd be too busy jerking off as I watched you "go" like you do. Whew! You guys amaze me and my wife loves you, too.

Anonymous said...

OMG!...That is the HOTTEST pre-view clip of the Super Sexy Hot Wife Mrs Janet Mason that I have EVER Viewed!

Janet, Please tell us that you're going to invite him back and ask him to bring along a Big Black Friend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go a bit off topic but I wanted to ask a question. How does Janet stay that hot?

Obviously exercise and eating well (I'm not a fan of the use of the word 'diet').

I train to keep fit and train others in fitness and eating well. Every time I see someone who is an example of God-like hotness I am curious how they did it. Besides genetic gifts.

Is there any chance a Janet Mason 'Guide to Fitness and Health' is coming out any time soon?


Anonymous said...

Janet ...That is one intensive fucking. Damn did you ever enjoy that Cock. You can see thode beautiful nipples jump out each time you cum, and that bed was proof that that man enjoyed fucking you too. It is the women that turns on the man, and he sure wanted to prove himself to you, I am sure he did. You need to invite him back to fuck you a dew more times.